Combing Your Hair With Care

I know sometimes it’s really difficult to comb through the forest we call our hair. Honestly, if you’re natural you should only be completely de-tangling your hair once a week on a wash day. I know it’s difficult, it hurts and it takes a long time but it’s a necessary evil. Here are a few tips for combing your hair natural hair:
1 . Use a wide tooth comb
This one seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people try to comb their hair with a little rat tail comb.

2. Separate your hair into sections
I usually separate my hair into four big sections to tackle the de-tangling process.

3. Comb hair while wet
I usually pre-poo with my ayurvedic oil mix, next I shampoo and last I add my deep conditioner. Then I separate my hair into 4 sections to comb while it’s still wet and with conditioner in it.

4. Comb gently
One of the keys to retaining length is keeping as many hairs on your head as possible. Only comb one section of your hair at a time. Start at the ends and comb lightly. If the comb meets resistance, don’t yank it though! Gently work out the knot. Then proceed with the de-tangling process. When your done combing your hair you shouldn’t have a ton of hairs on the floor. I usually have about a dime size of balled up hair. The more gentle you are the less hair you will lose and the more length you will retain.

Next time you think about yanking the comb though your hair stop. If you are upset or in a hurry it’s probably not the best time to be combing you hair. You might do more damage than good.

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