Healthy Foods That Support Hair Growth

Did you know that what you eat also affects your hair growth? We all know about building healthy hair regimens, using natural products, etc. But healthy hair starts on the inside, at the cellular level. Your body needs to be functioning properly to produce healthy  hair.  Exercise  helps with growing healthy hair because it helps combat diseases and ailments, supports blood circulation, reduces stress, etc. What’s good for your body is also good for your hair.  A big part of hair care is nutirion. Vitamins (A,B Complex, C) and protein  contribute the most to healthy hair growth. To ensure healthy hair growth, make sure you are eating a healthy balanced diet full of the following foods:

Chicken and Turkey

Are great sources of protein.  Since you hair is made up of protein,  the more you eat the stronger your hair follicles will be.

Lean Beef

Rich in B vitamins, iron and zinc

Eggs or Egg Whites

Pack a ton of protein, biotin and vitamin B-12

Green Vegetables

Are full of A and C vitamins, which your body needs to produce sebum, the oily substance secreted by your hair follicles and acts as the body’s natural hair conditioner.


Rich in B vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids which are great for overall health