Nappiology Expo Recap

We are still tired from the Nappiology Expo but we LOVED it! In 2010, Whitney and I attended the expo and had a great time. This year, it was beyond great as over 1500 people attended. Below is a recap of the event.

Nappy (Happy) Hour

Shaquila, Aja and Alex hanging out by the warm fire at the A Loft hotel.

FYI: Aja asked me to cut off all of her hair after attending the Happy Hour. Welcome to Team Natural Aja!


The Founder of Amazing Botanicals and De Phillips Johnson posed for the camera.

Everyone is WORKING their footwear! Get it ladies!

Lovely ladies of DFW Curlfriends and Amazing Botanicals *click *click *click*

Shaquaila, Tawana and Alex – all members of DFW Curlfriends!

I had the best greek salad after the Nappy Hour. I know it’s random but it was so good!

Lock Couture Session

Last week, we highlighted Vivanne’s session entitled “That Hair Thing: Sisterlocks™” Here are a few photos . We enjoyed speaking to many of you after the session. Visit our temporary store for the products Vivanne referred to.

Vivanne explains one of the essential books about Sisterlocks


Yes, it was packed! Listening to Vivanne almost persuaded us to loc our hair up too!



Great session!


The Expo

Someone sure does look familiar on this poster…

It’s Whitney! A few months ago she gave us a sneak peak on being a hair model for the new product line  Goin Natural.

Whitney with Monica Sowell and Vicelia Tinde, founders of Goin’ Natural.


A Crest  commercial should be next, right?! lol

 Sporty Afros posing with Crystal Adell founder of the group Black Women Do Workout

Amazing Botanical’s booth

Alex gettin her hair did at the Amazing Botanicals booth

It took a long time!!

Finished result! Cool huh?!

Here are more pics from the natural hair show:

Whitney and Alex with the lady from Hair Rules!

Monisha, Whitney and Alex

Sporty Afros!

Overall we had a great time. We can’t wait until next year!


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