Taliah Waajid Shea Coco Product Review

You guys know I’m always looking around at the latest and greatest natural hair care products to give you the inside scoop. Recently, Taliah Waajid sent me their Shea Coco line to review. Yes, I received the products free of charge but this is a straight up honest review.

Here are my thoughts about each product.

Shea-Coco Conditioning Co-Wash

shea-coco-conditioning-co-wash-51140-fbd (1)



This product was ok. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of co-washes. I don’t feel like they cleanse my hair very well so take my words with a grain of salt. I did really love the way it left my hair smelling though!


Shea-Coco Condition

shea-coco-condition-8oz-51131-15b (1)


I really liked this spray. It moisturized my hair without leaving it greasy and had the same wonderful coconut-y smell.


Shea Coco Curly Hair Souffle



This was  a good moisturizing product but it didn’t do much else besides that. It didn’t help my frizz at all.


Shea-Coco Natural Hair Style Cream



Like I said at the beginning, this is a 100% honest review. As much as I love all of the Taliah Waajid products I’ve purchased over the years, this one was a major fail for me. I used it to define the curls in my puff and not only did it not work, it left flakes of white stuff all in my hair. I do understand that natural products aren’t always as stable and consistent as conventional ones, so I’ll chalk it up to getting a bad batch. All and all, this product was a no-go for me.


Shea-Coco Monoi Oil



The Monoi oil is great for adding a nice sheen to your curls. I like rubbing some in between my hands and smoothing down my bun before leaving the house. It makes my pulled back curls look really healthy and moisturized.

There you have it. I’d recommend 3 out of the 5.

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