10 Easy Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I wanted to post a great article by Grit By Brit about 10 Easy Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight on Thanksgiving


While you‚Äôre giving thanks and spending time with the¬†people¬†you love¬† DON‚ÄôT be like the average American and pack on unneeded¬†pounds ‚Äď you‚Äôre better than that :)

Here’s my top 10 list to keep your weight in check on Turkey Day…

Wake up and work out. ¬†I like to think of this as ‚Äúputting a credit on my account.‚ÄĚ ¬†Since I¬†know¬†there will be lots of¬†irresistible¬†food coming my way, I do at least 1 hour of cardio on¬†Thanksgiving¬†morning. ¬†Lots of my NYC and Dallas fitness instructor friends are holding special thanksgiving day classes, so do some¬†research¬†the day before and prepare to attend one! ¬†You can also do the GRIT by Brit Ultimate body burn DVD! :-)

Eat breakfast. ¬†It‚Äôs¬†natural¬†to want to sleep in on your day off and ‚Äúsave room‚ÄĚ for the big Thanksgiving meal, but doing so will make you binge because you are so hungry. Go ahead and eat some oatmeal, fruit or¬†protein¬†in the¬†morning to keep you from inhaling food later on.

Drink up before you eat up. As always, hydration is key on Thanksgiving day and on any day.  Drinking a liter of water before your big Turkey dinner will make you feel full and keep you from over eating.

Fellowship first.  Be sure to chat and spend quality time with your family and loved ones before devouring your food.  Enjoy your total holiday experience  not just your meal.


Be ‚Äúgrateful‚ÄĚ without a ‚Äúplate full.‚ÄĚ ¬†Instead of loading up huge servings sizes, go for quality over¬†quantity. ¬† Try small portions of a variety of foods and really savor the taste.

Color is King.  Make sure that your plate is colorful!  These means it should have lots of veggies on it: green beans & sweet potatoes are excellent.  They are full of fiber and nutrients,  will digest easier and satisfy you longer.

Enjoy the rare stuff.  Don’t get full on rolls, chips and dips and other foods you can have every other day of the year.  Instead, enjoy those one-of-a-kind holiday foods.  Eat them slowly and enjoy every bite :)

STOP when you’re full.   Keep in mind that your stomach is the size of your fist.  Don’t hurt it and over expand it by simply eating too much.

Enjoy some ‚Äútea time.‚ÄĚ ¬†Sip hot tea (preferably¬†green tea) after your meal to help aid digestion and also to keep you from going back for seconds out of¬†boredom¬†or¬†convenience.

GIVE THANKS.  Because life is good and a joyful spirit is good for your health!


By day, Alexandria is a Media Relations Manager where she is a go-to resource for travel media worldwide. By night and phone, she is the Co-Founder of Sporty Afros.com. Alexandria has completed numerous endurance races, a triathlete and featured in countless media such as USAT Magazine, JET, Essence and Fox Sports. She is speaker, blogger, foodie and avid Dallas Cowboys fan.

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