Here is a Little Secret

So I gained some weight due to my indulgence and Super bowl.. *sigh But most of my issues revolve around eating. Eating and socializing just go perfectly together and unfortunately this includes mostly high fatting foods. So, I made a pact that I would start looking up my food and become more focused on m eating.  While keeping track of your food in a food dairy/journal is effective, let me be honest, I hate doing the food journal thing. But thanks to a little bit of research I found a great new app and online. It’s Fat Secrets


I downloaded it for my phone and boy is it helpful! It’s like a free version of Weight Watchers online right in the palm of my hand. While I would love to have weight watcher (my food already prepared for me), but with my budget this gives me what I need to get to my goal. I am able to review calories at restaurants, drinks and much more. I even input my workouts! It takes the guess work out of everything.  It’s available for pretty much every type of phone: Iphone, Blackberry and Android phones. You can check it out by clicking here.

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