My Evolution with Half Wigs

Well, I have been getting a lot of questions on my hair. Normally the questions come from when I explain to people that I am wearing a wig. LOL I blame Whitney for my love of wigs, which I am sure she doesn’t mind.

Over the last year and half wigs have helped transform my look, but also evolve as I did. I am a strong believer in switching up a hair style. Just like life, you must evolve.

Just as I have evolved from a football loving tom boy to a football loving pearl wearing tom chic tom boy, so have my wigs… So here is a recap of me and my wigs thus far…..

Let start with a quick foundation. To give you an idea of where I started let’s start with the basics of me without a wig and me with a quick weave…

Quick Weaves started the beginning of my love for wigs

This was over a month after the BC.. I needed more hair. My natural hair has always been THICK!

And now here goes …..

First Wig! Reppin the #4!!

First Wig! Reppin the #4!! Thanks Whit!

A bigger curl and different pattern

After this I realized, I liked the smaller curl patterns as my hair texture was changing as well.  My hair was also growing out so the color was not as vibrant. So here goes a new change….

Darker color.. Going to #2 now. Yeah I was workin it! (Those r not my drinks!! PROMISE!)

Inspired by Jennifer Hudson’s change (aka my celebrity look alike) and a slight mid-life crisis, I went completely black.  It was a great change!

#1b or #1 darker is a good look....

Jennifer Hudson- She is beautiful!

Natural Style produced my new own style…

Shorter wig but the curls were more natural to my texture. oh thats my bestie nxt to me!


My signature! This is how my hair really looks but shorter

See can't tell my hair from the wig.. oh thats my silly brother too. This is the same wig but "older."

A Little play with color #2/30

So there you go. Wigs are great for any hair type. I have been everything from permed to natural as you looked at these pictures. This is my complete evolution of my wigs!!! Hopefully this will help some of you all understand why I love them and how natural they look! You can truly go from sweaty to sexy in less than 15mins 🙂

FYI- The most I have paid for a wig was 30 dollars…

And here is my hair with 6months of growth! And this is my grandma she loves wigs too! Picture taken by C. Jones Photography. Thanks man!!

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