My Fit Favs 1st Edition – February

I’m starting a new monthly blog series called “My Fit-Favs.” Each month, I will share a few things I LOVE surrounding health, fitness, hair and nutrition. I hope this series peaks your interest in some new products you haven’t seen or even foods you may love just as much as me.


delta labs femestra women supplement

Delta Labs: Femestra

This is my favorite product from Delta Labs and why I fell in love with the company. Femestra™ is an all natural menopause relief formula that is clinically proven to relieve hot flashes, night sweats, loss of sex drive and other common symptoms of menopause, pre-menopause, and PMS.

I take this mainly for PMS and hormonal regulation in lieu of birth control pills. I take one pill every day for 14 days out of the month. The benefits of this supplements are amazing and crush Midol!

Note: You can save $5 off every bottle by using product code: Sportyafros!


asics gt 2000 neon bright running shoes

Asics: GT 2000

I purchased these wicked shoes on sale Running Warehouse for $50 with my club discount. This is a major steal for running shoes! The Asics GT 2000 are a great blend for light running (5ks) and those who pronate slightly. I also love the neon colors.  You can purchase the GT 2000 shoes from Running Warehouse by clicking here.



KIND: Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Flavor Bar

I’m obsessed with  the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt KIND bars. Great alternative to Snickers and other candy bars.


sikkim girls body lotion lush xmas

LUSH: Sikkim Girls Body

I recently fell in love with LUSH cosmetics,  Sikkim Girls body lotion is amazing! It’s a rich, thick lotion that blends lemon, jasmine and light floral scents together perfectly. I loved it so much, I bought it for Whitney. If you can get your hands on this cream, you will never go back to bath and body works again.

water infused

Infused Water

Thanks to Whitney, I fell back in love with infused water. It’s so refreshing and has increased my water intake. Adding a few slices of limes and lemons with mint and basil, is both hydrating and refreshing.


natty butter


 All Things O’ Natural: Natty Butter

I am focused on moisturizing my hair and this product is now a staple . From their amazing scents, Ayurvedic properties and awesome customer service, Natty Butter is infused with  beneficial oils and healthy natural butters to help to lock/seal in moisture for hair and skin. All of our products are crafted by hand using artisan methods, which means it’s sent with extra love and care.


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