Nappiology Recap

The other week, we went to the Nappiology expo. Sorry for the delay in posting the pictures, we’ve been super busy! Here are the few pics we managed to take over the 12 hour day…

Alex setting up the booth


 The Sporty Afros booth

These are the healthy snacks we munched on during the expo

 We took a few pre-expo hair pics…





 Here are a few pics of the other booths

I bought this cherry scented whipped shea butter that is AMAZING from this new company called The Natural Me run by Samori.  I really love it because its not greasy and its all natural so I can use it on my body and in my hair. I also carry some in a little container in my makeup bag, I use it for everything!

  Here are a few pics of the other booths

 Here are a few pics of the other booths

The black women do workout booth

It was a long day, but it was great!

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