WFAA Segment Recap


Last week, we woke up at 4am to tape our first live segment for WFAA (Channel 8).  Here is the live segment and a few photos from it.



WFAA’s Wyatt Goolsby visits with the women of Sporty Afros, a blog that discusses fitness and getting over the hair care hurdle for black women, among other health topics. Instant Live 8 catches up with the ladies at the gym. 


Special thanks to Wyatt Goolsby (seen above) and Shon Gables at WFAA. We had a blast and appreciate you spreading the word about our mission.


Moe woke up and made it there to help us out. Lucky for her, she got to be the assistant and ended up in the segment too! Thanks Moe for all your help!



Wyatt is giving us a run down of questions so we are prepared.



Whitney and I have specific questions we answer on interviews. Wyatt through us for a loop on a few so we had to work it out. Ha!



We taped a live segment and some b-roll as well for a noon segment. For the noon segment, we illustrated our products and also how we go from working out to fab in less than 5 mins.  You can also see how our wigs look just like our real hair.



To learn more about what women go through, Wyatt was given a brief  overview and “makeover.” Ha!



Cheers to Wyatt – the newest Sporty Afro:-)


Thank you to all our friends, family and readers that follow us. (Guys we know you are reading too so thank you! hahaha)  We appreciate all your support, comments and love for what we do. 


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