Sporty Spotlight: Ta'shundra and Her Dreads

I haven’t know Ta’shundra that long but it feels like I have known her for years. I think talked her into doing the big chop but she has taken it to a new level by making the choice to loc it up! While many women are twisting it out and up, there are a lot of you who have thought about locking your hair.¬† Ta’shundra’s journey is one that I believe speaks to everyone. I love what she stands for. This short interview focuses on her hair journey. She does workout as well and she power walks during her lunch breaks. I know- I have seen her. ūüôā

1. In your own words,  describe your occupation (student, entrepreneur, clerk by day singer by night?)

I am a 27 yr old optometric assistant which at my current company includes everything from patient care to insurance and billing. I am a single ¬†mother with an 11 year old daughter (also recently natural) and a 7 yr old son. Since, being recently divorced my schedule doesn’t allow for as much time dedicated to my hair.

2. Tell us a little bit about your hair. How do you wear your hair? (Natural and curly, natural and
straight, transitioning, permed, wigs, weaves, etc.) What are some of your signature hair styles?

Well, I have just begun to get to know my hair. I have thick 4a -4b coily hair. Lots of shrinkage which hides a lot of my growth. Over the last  7 months since my big chop I went from a wash and go to a blow out. I have also had 2 protective styles, cornrows and kinky twist. In the past my signature style was a short relaxed spiked style or some variation of it. Most recently a head band and twist out.

3. How do you maintain your hair on weekly basis?

Weekly routine includes scalp massage , applying natural oils such as shea , tea tree and olive oil. And one wash normally on Sunday. The number  of times I co-wash just depends on how my hair is acting that week. On average about twice a week. Note this was my routine before locing

The BC!

4. What was the decision for dreads!? and the process for it.

I have always been curious about locs but wasn’t comfortable enough to give it a try. After being natural for about 5 myths I was becoming ¬†consumed with the idea of growing locs and after being blessed to meet a great stylist Paulette of LocStar Natural Hair Design Studio I went for it. My locs were started using a single strand or comb coil method. Due to the thickness of texture of my hair we decided to go for smaller locs that will eventually thicken and frame my face somewhat like a lion‚Äôs mane.

5. How do you feel about your hair now? (love it like it ..)

There are no words to describe how I feel about my hair now! I absolutely love it. I feel it expresses my individuality and enhances my ¬†natural beauty. Some days they don’t want to lay right but that makes it even better I just shake and go with it. The compliments have been rolling in non-stop.

6. What are some of your hair favorite products?

My favorite products right now are anything by Jamaican Mango and Lime for locs. And tea tree oil soothes my itchy scalp.

7. What are some must haves that are not hair product related since your natural ? (example: arched eye brows, lip balm, nails)

Must haves are lip-gloss, brown lip and eye pencil, a nice pair of earrings (the bigger the better), lashes and confidence to boot!

8. So since most people don’t know you like I do, and you know we embrace loving ourselves…. Let my readers know the top 3 things you Love about yourself?

Only 3 wow. I could go on forever. Lol.. My intelligence, strength, and my lips.


Twisted out- protective  style and still cute!