Sporty Spotlight: Ejiro Isikuru's 3rd Half Marathon

Ejiro Isikuru  just finished her 3rd Half-Marathon race this weekend! Ejiro attended the University of Texas and I met her through my roommate/best friend in college. I believe a friend of a friend is a friend. Some how, I was able to look past her love of UT (I graduated from Texas Tech we had a friendly rivalry) and we ended up building a great supportive friendship as I started triathlons and she started half-marathon training. (One day she wants to do a triathlon yay!)

Ejiro – a Natural Runner

Even though she has run all her life, half-marathon training is still a struggle and she feels the same ups, downs and pains as any runner. She tells Sporty Afros all about her training for her 3rd half-marathon.


One of her favorite things she purchased for running is…

Nike+GPS. It is an investment but for a runner it’s love.

Her Training Plan for Half-Marathon 

I used the Isikuru plan! I make sure to run 3 times a week, a minimum of 6 miles. I have one long run on the weekends. At least 2 weeks before race I made sure I could do 10miles. I’m always running but the 1-2 months before races I focus on the task at hand and watch my nutrition.

I have one more race this year. Since I have endurance down now, I am adding in speed workouts on Wednesdays to increase my turnover thus shaving off those few precious seconds for my next race.

What shoes did you run in?

I’m a Nike girl! However, I just purchased some Saucony’s this weekend that are really good. However, I love my Nikes and I am thinking about switching back. The Saucony’s hurt my feet for some reason.

Ejiro & The Unexpected 13.1 Race

The 13.1 went GREAT! I went into it with the mentality that it was just going to be a fun run. My mentality was this was because I hadn’t exactly trained how I wanted. and I wasn’t sure of the course details (hills or not). The best part about this race was that I finished with my best time yet 2hr 2min!! That meant a lot and I have so much excitement because the hills were major but I took them head on and defeated them.


History & Future with Half -Marathons

My 1st half last in 2010, which I completed in 2:11. This March I did another one, which I finished a few minutes faster at 2:05. My goal is actually 2 hours flat. I have on more half marathon for the year on 10/29, which I am aiming for 1:58.


Congrats Girl! You Rock!!

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