#1 Way To Achieve Your Fitness Goal

Everyone wants to know what the secret is to achieving your fitness goals. The secret is… there is no secret. Sucks, right? If there’s no secret, then why haven’t you achieved yours yet? Personally, I think the secret or lack there of is simple.

Don’t aim for a vanity goal. 

Don’t just focus on getting abs, or losing 20lbs or fitting into an old pair of jeans. Although these can be what initially motivated you to start your healthy journey, those goals are too topical. In my opinion, you need to aim for something bigger like running a marathon, becoming the strongest version on yourself, learning to swim at age XX, etc. and grow from there. I find when you stop focusing on the vanity aspect of your fitness goals and focus on your overall strength or breaking down the mental barriers to achieve a specific goal, that motivation lasts long term. Let’s face it, most if our fitness goals won’t take just 30 days, they’ll take months or even years so it has to be about something more.

Figure out your long-term motivation and layout a plan to help yourself get there. Remember, you will never fail if you don’t quit!

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