The Fitness Store For Sporty Chicks – Six:02

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

If you are following me on Instgram, you know I went to visit the really awesome and cool fitness store just for us fit chicks called  Six:02 .

Truthfully, I had not heard of Six:02 and thought the name of the store was a bit odd. Within minutes of being there and meeting the manager, I learned a lot about the philosophy of the store and also fell in love with it!

What is Six: 02?

SIX:02 is a moment in time — “It’s Your Time.” The name reflects the minutes or hours we encourage each woman to take for herself — to work out and stay fit, and to invest in feeling and being her best. The name is meant to inspire!

  • 6:02 — the time you wake up to go to the gym!
  • 6:02 — the time you leave work to attend your spin class!
  • 6:02 — the mile you aspire to run, or beat!


What separates SIX: 02 from other stores?

SIX:02 is about more than fitness fashion; it’s about offering today’s active women choices, advice, and inspiration. It’s about a feeling of community and connection, where you come first.

I went to the location in Dallas, Texas but you can find the closest one to you by clicking here.  I LOVED the personal attention and organization of the store. It differently is not like other women’s fitness stores as it caters specifically towards women like myself who are serious about our fitness and want to look just as good. It’s a great place to pick out cute out fitness for your fitness wardrobe or jazz up what you currently have.  Take a look at my quick youtube video about the store.



I was impressed at the brands the store carries, which are affordable and perfect for a variety of fitness individuals like marathoners or yogis. After reviewing the store, I turned my sights on the Reebok skyscape shoes. They had a really nice displace of the shoes that caught my eye. I had my hesitations with the shoe until I tried them on. Warning: They are SUPER comfortable. 

Reebok Skyscape Shoe Review

The shoes are awesome and I can not stress how comfortable they are. Instead of wearing flipflos after a workout, I have been reaching for the Reebok skyscape to run errands in since they are a bit more stylish. Note: The shoes are not to be worn for a workout. They come in a variety of different colors and patterns. I fell in love with the grey pair as they go with a variety of outfits I currently have.



One word of recommendation for the Reebok Skyscape, try on the shoes without socks. I wear the shoes without socks and find them more comfortable that way.

Overall, I loved the shoe and also the store. Six:02 has unconventional hours but I will trek there to purchase cute outfits as I am training for my marathon. I am currently looking forward to picking out a cute top for the upcoming Wicked Wine Run in Dallas, Texas so this place is perfect.

Thanks Reebok for introducing me to the special hidden gem of Six:02 and the awesome stylish skyscape shoes.

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