Holiday Gifts For Fitness Fanatics

Can’t figure out what to get the fitness fanatic in your life that seems to have every thing? Check out my fav holiday gifts for fitness fanatics.

Ear Warmers with Headphones – $35


Yup, thats a thing. Perfect for the winter-time runner. 180s Urban With Headphones for $35.



Barre socks – $18


If you’ve ever taken a barre class, you know that a good pair of barre socks are a necessity. Here’s an adorable pair from for $18.


Flip Belt – $28.99


Flip belt is a MUST if your fitness fanatic does any kind of outdoor workouts. They can literally fit anything into it. It’s like a fitness fanny pack. FlipBelt for $28.99

Fabletics Apparel Subscription – $49.99


No longer are the days when it is acceptable to wear an old T-shirt to the gym. Fashionable workout gear is a must. Girls will give you a judgemental stare if you show up to body pump looking like a ragamuffin. Fabletics will keep your fitness junkie in the latest and greatest with a  subscription for $49.99/per month


Self Rolling Yoga Mat – $79


Although it’s not officially on the market yet, your fitness friend will be ahead of the trend when it comes out. You can pre-order this magical self-rolling yoga mat by Yo-Yo Mat for $79

Happy shopping!

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