5 Tips for a Healthy Body and Healthy Gorgeous Hair

Whitney and I are still recovering from Fro Fest. As one of my instagram followers pointed out, our booth was packed non-stop so much so she didn’t even come to say hi to me! Bummer! However, we loved meeting each and every one of you who stopped by Special thank you to all who came to our speaking session as it was standing room only!!


Brit, who served as one of INHMD panelists put together a few  on how to have a healthy body and gorgeous hair. Each member of the panel, including me, lives a VERY active lifestyle.   While most would think that our love for fitness is what unites us, it’s actually our combined love for good health AND good hair.


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That said, here are our Top 5 tips for healthy body and healthy gorgeous hair:

  1. Stay hydrated – Drinking plenty water is critical for healthy hair.  Not only does hydration speed up your metabolism (i.e make you sexy) it’s also needed to moisturize your scalp and thus your hair.  Drink up ladies so we can keep those locks flowing.
  2. Conditioner is key – I cannot say this enough.  You must keep your hair moisturized!  Our hair has to maintain an adequate level of natural oils to look and feel healthy.  Since I sweat almost every day, I have to wash my hair a lot which strips it of natural oils.  So, I always do a deep conditioning treatment and I keep a bottle of leave-in-conditioner in my gym bag to spray down my hair after workouts. Alex and Whitney always use their Sporty Afros G+spray and favorite hair products as well.
  3. Breath & Meditate – Stress and anxiety causes hair thinning and dryness.  If you notice a lot of breakage in your hair, check out your stress level.  You may benefits from a little yoga or simply have some quiet time for reflection and relaxation.
  4. Bye bye rubber bands – Make sure that the hair elastics you are using are gentle on your hair.  If you are like me and wear a ponytail while you work out, be careful!  We often wear our hair pulled back too tight and use hair elastics that cause breakage.  Try to find a hair tie that is silky and smooth.  A loose ponytail is always better than a tight one!
  5. Biotin is your buddy – Take a Biotin supplement – trust me!  It’s a great vitamin for your hair, skin and nails.  It’s not expensive and it’s a super effective way to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to keep your hair healthy.


Keep these tips in mind as you continue on your healthy journey – I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me

me kort mom

Brit (right) with her sister (left), mom (center)


Stay gorgeous!

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  • Cassandre says:

    i absolutely love your site. just came across it today. thanks for these tips. I am currently transitioning. It’s been 1.5 years since my last relaxer. I have long hair so it’s taking forever for all my relaxed hair to grow out. someone recently told me that it’s important to co-wash at least 3 times a week. i wanted to get your thoughts and opinion on that?

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