Running Safety Tips – Be Careful Runners Several Katy Trail Runners Were Attacked

The Katy Trail is a popular running trail here in Dallas. Shon Gables, the uber fabulous reporter, wife, marathoner and triathlete at WFAA, reported some disturbing news today. Below is the investigation of three attacks along the Katy Trail. Don’t panic, we have a few running safety tips to help ease your fears ladies and gents.

Dallas police are trying to put fears to rest along the Katy Trail, where thieves targeted unsuspecting bar patrons and joggers late Saturday night and again early Sunday. Police reports reveal at least three incidents where the victims where held up at gunpoint within a 24-hour time frame.

Police will not say if they have increased patrols for the Mother’s Day crowd along the popular running and biking path between downtown Dallas and Highland Park. Mother’s Day joggers were shocked at the news. “There’s always a lot of wackos out there”, said Jim Seapa.

The first incident took place around 11:30 p.m. Saturday when a man said he was punched and robbed at gunpoint along the 3700 block of Travis Street. Then, just before 2 a.m., a 28-year-old woman was attacked. She told us she had just left the Ice House with relatives, when she was robbed and shoved to the ground along the trail. Police said the perpetrator aimed a weapon and demanded her credit cards, iPhone, purse and wallet, valued at $530.

The incident has supporters of the trail baffled. “It’s extremely shocking… it’s extremely shocking,” said Eric Bunyan. Five hours later, police reported a similar attack against a 34-year-old jogger along Katy Trail. The victim told police two men approached him in broad daylight near the Blackburn Street entrance.

5 Running Safety Tips

1. Protect yourself
Always, always run with mace or a stun gun or something! It’s small, compact and won’t get in your way and it can potentially save your life. I always run with my mini stun gun in my hand. Its in it a carrying case so I don’t accidentally shock myself lol

2 . Don’t run in the dark or in desolate areas
This should be a no brainier but I feel that’s it’s still worth mentioning. Don’t run outside while its dark, whether that’s early in the morning or late at night. If your running on a trail, especially in a wooded area be sure to go at peak times during the day. Don’t go at noon when no one is there. Be sure there are always people and/or cars around. This makes it harder for someone to come snatch you up. For real though…

3 . Turn down the music
This is one people don’t usually think about, but it’s so dangerous to run outside with your music on full blast because you can’t hear anything going on around you. You can’t clearly hear car horns, people yelling for you to get out of the way, etc.  I run with only one headphone in and the music on very low volume.

4 . Be aware of your surroundings
Don’t get into the running zone so much that you are not aware of what’s going on around you. Periodically look around, look behind you be sure nothing is out of the ordinary.

5. Communication

If you are going for a run outside, especially a long run, be sure to tell someone where you are. I always let my BF know when and where I’m running or biking. Also, I usually carry my cell phone and a few dollars on me in case of emergency.



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