Book Review: Runner's Revelations by Monisha Randolph

Running is one sport I have never been great at. I am not built for long-distance runs and I dread it at the end of a triathlon. Training for my first half-marathon, I have a new found appreciation for the sport. Training for the half-marathon has been rewarding, well… besides the aches and pains and smell of menthol and Epson salt in my house lol

In 2009, I could barely run half a mile. Two years later, I completed my my first half marathon with Whitney. ( I don’t know what I would do without her!) Along this journey, I was able to read a very inspiring book, “Runners Revelation” by Monisha Randolph.

The book is a short but packed with insightful tips and “ah-ha” moments any one can relate to. Her writing style is simple and to the point.  From the passing of her grandfather to dealing with cyst and cancer screenings, she describes her joy, pain, struggles, injuries and the spiritual enlightenment she received through running. As I read the book, I felt like I was right there with her! Monisha makes everyone want to take a spot in her cheering section!

When you are set apart to do something  great, you can’t do what everyone else (or what you think everyone else) is doing.

This is my favorite quote from the book. (In this section Monisha discusses how bad eating affected her running physically and mentally .)

By focusing on her goals, Monisha depicts how all of her worries and problems ceased to exists as she ran, meditated and focused on God. Even if you are not a runner, the book inspires you to enjoy the journey of life and strive to accomplish your goals.

I highly recommend Runner’s Revelations  for those who are looking for encouragement or insight into a marathoner’s training and thoughts. This book is a great read. It’s helped me on my own journey. If you can’t purchase it, don’t worry! Monisha will be sharing her thoughts, tips and training right here every week. We’re calling it Monisha’s Minute.  Her first post will be this Wednesday! You can learn from her amazing insight, tips and advice.

FYI: Whitney and I ran with her in the 13.1 marathon this past weekend!! YAY!! 


  • diane says:

    YES! I read this book as read and cheered with her triumphs and teared up during her set-backs. Monisha is a force to reckon with. I look forward to getting out there soon – putting my feet to the pavement and “running” out loud this wonderful book! Thanks Monisha for your insight and courage to share such a personal story with the rest of the world.

  • alexandria says:

    I agree and am glad you were able to read and agree with me too!

  • Monisha says:

    Thanks for the love ladies. Sharing my journal was so not planned when I was creating it. Knowing that people can relate to my story is very touching.

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