Why Running at 6am is Like Going to the Club

People think waking up at the crack of dawn to run at 6am on the weekends is crazy. To runners, triathletes and endurance athletes, it’s really not. It’s normal to us.  In a conversation with a few runners, I began to explain that my long runs at 6am is like going to the club in college. Here is why…

You Lay Out Your Clothes Before

Race Day Gear



You Pre-party Before You Head Out the Door

preparty and foot gear running in grass brooks

Your Shoe Game Is a Must!

alex sweatshirt and asics shoes

You Meet Your “Crew” at a Certain Time and Place

nbma sole patrol

Crowd Control  or a Sold Out Event Is Expected… and Normal

race turkey trots



Glow Sticks, Foam,  Costumes…

Need I Say Any More?

running themes


The Earlier You Go the Less You Have to Pay

Running in the summer



Spandex is Acceptable


So Are Revealing, Tight Garments

workout clothes


Everyone is Drinking



You Learn New Techniques and Footwork

dj on ones and twos


Your Favorite Tunes are Playing

Half Marathon_3

Everyone Leaves Sweaty

fit crew 5k glow


Soreness Happens

Moe stretching Alex


Everyone Eats Breakfast At the “Post Hangout Spot”



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