My Hair Regimen, For Now

Right now I am dabbling in the world of Ayurvedic hair care. Here is an overview of what I’ve been doing to my hair lately. If you want more information on Ayurvedic hair care check out my last post.

Step 1: Pre-shampoo

I use equal parts the following oils:

  • Coconut oil – Revitalizes and strengthens hair follicles. I use the Paracute brand from the Indian grocery store. There is no special reason, except that I can get a huge bottle of it for $5.
  • Brahmi Oil – Strengthens hair roots. I used the Ramtirth brand that has other Indian oils as well as auyrvedic powders to help stimulate hair growth.

I mix equal parts of these oils and heat them to do a pre-shampoo hot oil treatment and scalp massage. This is supposed to condition the scalp, reduce dandruff, increase blood circulation of the scalp which in turn stimulates hair growth.

**Oil heating tip

Use a double broiler method because warming the oils in microwave causes them to lose some of their nutrients and beneficial properties.

Get a small sauce pot and fill halfway with water, and bring to a boil
Place a small bowl so it sits on top of the pot opening (like a double broiler)
Add an equal mixture of the two oils

Test with your finger until the oil is luke warm. You don’t want to burn your scalp!

Take it off the heat and use your finger and mix it evenly. Then dip the tip of your fingers  into the oil mixture and begin massaging your scalp in a circular motion . Keep re-applying oil to different parts of your scalp until the scalp is covered evenly.

Massage your scalp for about 5-10 min.

Cover your hair with a plastic cap and leave the oil on your hair for 30-60 min (massage time included)

Step 2: Shampoo

I’ve been using a mix of ayurvedic powders to wash my hair

2 Tablespoons Amla powder
2 Tablespoons Shikakai powder
1 Tablespoon Neem powder

Mix the powders together with enough water to make a paste. Apply the mixture on wet hair and gently rub the mixture on your scalp and then move down the hair. Allow it to sit 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with cool water. Follow up with an apple cider vinegar rinse to get rid of any excess powder particles. Mix 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar (ACV) with 2 cups of water and pour over your head.

**Side note, I got this recipe from The Moptop Maven’s blog  I must give credit where credit is due. She is a Fab chick.

Step 3: Deep Conditioner

I have ordered a bunch more powders to experiment with, but they haven’t come in yet so I’ve been using my old faithful Yes to Carrots Mud Mask. I freakin LOVE this conditioner. Its gentle, all natural and leaves my hair so soft. Here is what I do. After I rinse out the ACV, I towel dry my hair with a jersey material pillow case I made into a towel (yea I know that’s ghetto) but the jersey material is a lot gentler on your hair than traditional cotton towels. If you want to be “proper” you can buy a microfiber towel. Then I separate my hair into 4 sections. I work about a quarter size dollop of the conditioner through each section and lightly detangle my hair with my fingers. Then I go back through with a wide tooth comb and when I’m done I braid that section and move on to next until I have 4 big braids. I let it sit for a hour then I rinse it out with warm water.

Step 4: Leave-in

I use about a quarter size of Yes to Cucumbers leave in.

Step 5: Style

Ive been really lazy lately with styling my hair so I usually opt for a wash and go. I use a little bit of kinky curly custard on the front to help define the curls and I’m done.

Weekly Maintenance

I moisturize with my leave in twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. I also oil my scalp every other day with the same mixture I used for my pre-poo.

At night I put my hair in a pony puff on top of my head and I sleep on a satin pillow case.

Also every 6 weeks I do a heena treatment and every 8 weeks I do a protein treatment. I also take B12 complex and biotin everyday to help my hair grow faster.


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