How to Pack the Perfect Gym Bag

Here is a throw back post from when Alex and I were training for a triathlon. Packing a good gym back is essential part of an efficient and effective workout strategy.

Here’s what’s inside my gym bag on a daily basis…

Swimming Gear

Pictured above are all of the things I carry in my gym bag for swimming workouts:

  • Swim suit
  • Two pairs of goggles – One is a back up just in case something happens to the other pair.
  • Swim Caps – I carry a lycra swim cap (red) and silicone swim cap. I use two because I find that it helps keep my hair a little drier. I put the lycra one on first then the latex one.  If you want to find out more about swim caps read Alex’s previous post. If you want to find out more  about how to care for your hair while swimming read my previous post. Yes, sistas you CAN swim multiple times a week and still maintain healthy hair.
  • Flip flops – I use these around the pool and in the shower the gym. Going barefoot is kind of nasty…
  • Sunscreen – For when I workout outside. Yes, sistas you still need to protect that beautiful brown skin.
  • Anti fog goggle solution – This is a must! Nothing is more annoying than foggy goggles during a long swim workout.
  • Water removal ear drops – I don’t like to wear ear plugs , so I always put a few drops of water removal ear drops in my ears after I leave the pool.
  • Swim cards – I take these handy laminated cards to the pool with me to ensure I do the proper workout on my swum days.

Here is a close up of one of the swim card workouts. Our tri coach MV gave these to us!

Toiletry Bag

These are the most important things in my gym bag!

  • Body wash and lotion
  • Face wash and face lotion – My skin is super acne prone so I have to make sure to wash it after every workout
  • Deodorant and body mist
  • Hair products – I carry travel sizes of Sporty Afros G+ Spray and Ayurvedic Oil in addition to shampoo and conditioner as well as shea butter, bobby pins and head bands. I have to have my arsenal of hair items to achieve any look I want when I leave the gym. You never know when you’re going to have to look fly in a hurry!

Running Gear

Pictured above is my essential running gear.

  • Running shoes – Those are super old, cant you tell? They have been through a lot! I’m about to buy a new pair.
  • Spi belt – I love this thing! I can carry my keys, my phone, money, etc. while I run outside without it jingling around in my pocket.
  • Stop watch – To time my pace.
  • Lock – For my gym locker.
  • Ipod – You know I have Beyonce on full blast when I run.

I couldn’t resist! This is my FAVORITE running song ever.

  • Stun gun – Yea, I carry a mini stun gun when I run outside. People are crazy these days! Check out our previous post on running safety.

My new Sporty Afros workout gear!

A few other things that I carry that aren’t pictured are:

  • Two towels – one for my hair and one for my body
  • Helmet – For when I bike outside. I keep this in my trunk.
  • Extra water bottles – For biking. I carry these in my trunk too.
  • Synthetic socks – I love these! They are a must for any avid runner.
  • Extra headphones

Everything fits neatly inside my new gym bag 🙂 Shout out to my wonderful BF  now fiance who surprised me with a shopping trip to buy all my new stuff.

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