My Vacation Workout Routine

In my previous post I talked about working out on vacation.  I just came back from a great long, relaxing vacation but unfortunately before I left I was in the middle of training for my next triathlon. I was really worried about keeping up my training with on vacay. So I workout out the first day, but after that it was a loss…I thought about working out, but then I stopped to think about how often I go on vacation. Uhh rarely and I didn’t want the usual stress of fitting my workout into my day and striving to stick to my training schedule. At first I was mad at myself, but then I just decided to enjoy my vacation. And that I did, maybe a little too much. After 3 days back at work I’m already ready to go back! I think I found the perfect place too. I want to go to a beach with crystal clear water and nice villas. Maldives seems like the perfect place. The W has its own private island out there with fabulous villas. It looks AMAZING.


Now if I could only find a sponsor…

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