Whitney's New New Hair

I posted my big chop 2.0 a few weeks ago. Although it was cute, it still wasn’t quite right. It still didnt look enough like a specific hair cut. It just looked like short natural hair. Also, I wanted to color it. It had been over 10 years since I colored my hair. And the last time it all fell out. No joke.

Don’t laugh too hard at my throw back pics. I was in marching band so one pic is before band season and the other (where I’m 10 shades darker) is after…but the one on the left is from the beginning of my junior year of high school and the one the right is from the end of junior year.  I went to a PROFESSIONAL stylist to get my hair colored an auburn brown. The color came out good but I had some serious hot roots. They were literally orange and my hair was reddish brown. A month later, I got a perm and my hair snapped off like a twig. It was really traumatizing. The pic on the right was after I got a good hair cut and my hair had grown back a few inches.


My last hair dye experience left me thoroughly terrified of hair color. After that, I went through my weave phase, went natural and grew my hair out to this point.



That was almost 3 years of hair growth

This was my big chop 2.0.


Here I am right before going into the salon to get my hair colored. Bye,bye black hair.

Waiting for the dye to take…

It took almost 4 hours to get my hair this color. The ends were still dyed permanent black so she had to work some serious magic. Here is the finished product right after she was done. I didn’t put any product on it yet.



Here I am about a week later at the OKC naturals expo.


I really like it. I will post a short hair care tutorial video soon!


  • Treasure says:

    I was skeptical at first. I love long hair. But I really like this short cut on you. Looks great and probably easier to maintain.

  • misha says:

    i agree. the short do looks nice.

  • Chalene says:

    Where did you go to get a good cut and color of natural hair in Dallas?

  • Ness says:

    I love your hair! I did the BC about a week ago and I starting to really love it. I was told by the stylist, however, that I should not get color because my hair is naturally dry (4b-c, I think) and very dark. She said that it would have to be lifted using bleach first in order for the color to show. The bleaching process on hair that is already dry would not be good, according to her. Do you agree? I really want color but don’t want a bad experience. Are there better ways to color? Thanks for your advice.

    • Whitney says:

      Yes, it is drying. Honestly, it depends on how strong your hair is. Some people’s hair can take it and some cant. I would do a strand test and see how that goes first, then proceed with caution. Be sure to go to a professional!

  • Dinnie says:

    What products did you use in your hair? (the pic.where u r wearing fushia color blouse with the blue necklace) to get that curly effect? Looking at the pic I think we have the same hair texture. I just recently BC almost 2 months ago my hair is about 3 inches long & I’m trying to find products that will enhance my curls.

    • Whitney says:

      Check out my short hair care tutorial on you tube. Youtube.com/sportyafros I go through what i did, step by step.

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