Sporty Spotlight: Paula Patterson, 60 and Fabulous!

We haven’t done a Sporty Spotlight feature in a while and this one is EXTRA special because it’s my mom!

She is a fabulous woman. She’s 60 and can kick my butt in any workout. I watched (and made fun of) her for years because she was constantly working out and eating healthy and I just couldn’t understand why. Now, fast forward 10 years and I’ve turned into her. Check out her Sporty Spotlight feature about how she stays fit and active all while holding down a high-powered job and getting her PHD.

*Three snaps in a Z formation*


1.In your own words, describe your fitness journey.

I started living an active lifestyle when I was 24, right after my sister passed away. She was the most kind hearted, beautiful woman I’ve ever met.  She always battled with her weight. As her weight ballooned from unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise she developed all kinds of health issues like asthma, heart problems and immobility.  She died the day after Christmas and I decided right then and there  that there was no way I was going to let that happen to me. I immediately joined the gym and started taking aerobics classes and cut out junk food.

2.Tell us a little bit about your hair. How do you wear your hair? (Natural and curly, natural and straight, transitioning, permed, wigs, weaves, etc.)   What are some of your signature hair styles?

I’ve worn my hair permed my entire life.  I wore my hair in a roller set for many years, but after about a decade of  my daughter nagging me to update my look, my niece (the same one who cut Whitney’s hair)  cut it into a modern bob and I love it!

*Whitney’s comment : Here is a super throw back picture of my mom. She wore her hair the same since before I was born!!

Pre hair cut

Post hair cut

3.How do you maintain your hair on weekly basis?

I wash it 3 times a week because I sweat so much during my cardio workouts that my hair is a disaster after I get out of class. After I wash it, I use  a little Keratin Complex infusion to add moisture and protect my hair.  Then, I use the instyler to straighten it.

4.What are some of your hair favorite products?

I use Sporty Afros oil for my monthly hot oil treatments and I also use Paul Mitchell products.

5.What are your tips for keeping hair healthy to those that workout consistently?

My tip would be to make sure you keep your hair moisturized. Honestly, I don’t do much to my hair when I workout. I put on a head band and that’s about it.

6.What are some of your favorite healthy foods?

I love salads with lots of veggies and homemade salad dressing.  I stick to a low carb diet.

7.What is your favorite workout?


8.What are your tips to our readers on staying in shape?

When you first get started, you don’t need to do a lot, just be consistent. Workout buddies are fantastic to hold you accountable.

9. What’s on your workout playlist?

I usually take workout classes, but when I do listen to music I love to hear songs by John Legend, Maze and Lauren Hill.

10. How did you start working out consistently? What was your motivation? What has your progress been like?

Like I said above, my sisters death really motivated me to get healthy. I have stayed fit for over 35 years and I recently lost about 15lbs.

11. Top 3 favorite things about yourself?

I’m funny, generous and I love my kids.

12. Favorite quote

“Grown folks are gonna to do what grown folks are gonna do”. Translation – You can’t control what people do, so just do you and be the best version of you as possible.

Here are a few more pics:


Paula, John (Whitney’s little brother), Whitney



 Sporty Afros and Sporty Afros’ mamas!







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