Workout Burnout

So what do you do when you workout regularly, but you’re bored? That’s the issue I’m facing right now. I workout 3-5 days a week but I would like to step it up. I’ve been training consistently for months now, but looking back at my training diary on it seriously fluctuates (I’m not talking about the time I take off after I complete a race). I mean some weeks I spend 5 hours in the gym and some weeks I spend 2. I think the problem is that I’m reaching workout burn out. Don’t get me wrong, I love tri’s but I get bored easily. It’s been over 6 months of training so needless to say it’s time for something new.

Besides a training for a half marathon, I think my next workout endeavor is going to be Insanity! I cant wait. I know the program is seriously intense, but I want results. I want abs like this…

I’ve tried everything, but to no avail, I still have a 1 pack lol.  So it’s time to get extreme.  I’ll be starting Insanity in about 3 weeks. Anyone want to join me? **Shameless plug** BTW, we sell Insanity in the Sporty Afros Store if you wanted to buy it.

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