2016 Meal Prepping Strategies

By now, you know that meal prepping is the way to go if you live a busy lifestyle and want to eat healthy consistently, right? Meal prepping is a BEAST if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are a few tips to make your 2016 meal prepping successful.

Start slow 

Don’t start off trying to prep 5 completely different meals. The key is to keep it simple or else you could be in the kitchen for hours on end. Try prepping one meal initially. Lunch is usually a good one to start with. Think of your favorite healthy lunch and make as much as you can ahead of time.

Stick with what you know 

Meal prepping is usually not time to try out a new complicated recipe. Something simple like different seasoning for your meat or veggies is fine but I’d recommend cooking a small portion to make sure you like it first. There’s nothing worse than prepping a new recipe only to find out you HATE it. Then your time, money and 5 – 7 days worth of food is wasted.

Semi-homemade prep 

When you meal prep you don’t have to make everything from scratch. You can buy things that are pre-cooked and add your own flare. One of my favorite things to do is prepping a simple salad like a casear and purchasing the dressing from one of my favorite places (i.e. La Madeline). Before the trolls get on me about a caesar salad not being the healthiest, it depends on your diet. I follow a high-fat, low-carb diet. So a casear salad with no croutons worked for my diet goals. Also, one of my other favorite things was to buy a bean bowl from Chipotle (although you might want to switch to Free Birds or another e-coli free restaurant) and add more beans and rice to create a weeks worth of burrito bowls. Check out my technique here. If you’re a low carber you can also try this vegan burrito wrapped in a collard green leaf. It’s yummy and requires minimal prep.

Here are some simple recipes to get your meal prepping started.


I don’t like rewarmed breakfast so I typically separate/pre prep (chop, dice, etc. ) all ingredients so they are easy to put together in the morning.

Low carb pancakes




Low carb muffins


Healthy breakfast tacos



Shrimp spring rolls 




Turkey sausage and black bean soup 


Turkey sausage soup

Vegetable Sushi 



Tuna Caprese Salad





Low carb crab cakes 



Vegetarian chili


Broccoli Quinoa Casserole  BroccoliQuinoaCassarole copy

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