Sporty Spotlight: Miss Chloe O’Neal

Sporty Spotlights!

We are thrilled to debut our 1st Sporty Spotlight! Sporty Spotlights focus on real women, their lives, their hair and how they stay active. I have known Chloe  for some time now and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

1. In your own words, describe your occupation (student, entrepreneur, clerk by day singer by night?)
I am currently transitioning into graduate school and am an instructional staff for a non-profit organization called Big Thought.
2. Tell us a little bit about your hair. How do you wear your hair? (Natural and curly, natural and straight, transitioning, permed, wigs, weaves, etc.)   What are some of your signature hair styles?
My hair is all natural and has been since 2008. I tend to wear it natural and curly most of the time with a headband. Occasionally, I’ll wear it natural and slick it back to a nice low bun. I do believe the “low bun” is my signature style; it is simple and keeps my hair from getting tangled. Lately, I have been wearing my hair natural and straight.  Initially, it is not a simple hairstyle with the sectioning and flat ironing of the hair but once all of the hair is straightened it is a very simple and easy style to keep.
3. How do you maintain your hair on weekly basis?
When my hair is in its natural state, I wash it daily, place conditioner on it and finger comb it into my desired “fro” or I comb it back into a low bun. If I’m going to straighten it, I wash it , condition it, place leave-in conditioner in the hair, blow dry it, spray a heat protecting product, and then section the hair for flat ironing. Once the hair is straightened, I just comb it down from being “wrapped” overnight as a daily routine.
4. What are some of your hair favorite products?
My favorite products are APHogee Conditioning Shampoo and conditioner, Kera Care Humectant Conditioner, Infusium Leave-In Conditioner, and Redken Iron Silk 07 Straightening Spray. I also experiment with a lot of products, there are so many out there and I am very open to trying different ones.
5. What are your tips for keeping hair healthy to those that workout consistently?
Well I believe natural hair is the most suitable for those working out because since it’s already in its natural state you don’t have to worry about moisture messing up a hairstyle. The key to African-American hair is moisture. I advise those working out to wash their hair daily, or every other day, after workouts and make sure the hair is getting proper moisture from a great conditioner and leave-in; also, every week or two, do a deep restorative conditioner. Proper moisture will preserve hair and keep it from breaking. Washing the hair often also gives the hair proper moisture (water) which most African-Americans don’t know.
6. What are some of your favorite healthy foods?
Some of my favorite healthy foods are grapes and granola. I also love to have lunch at Panera Bread for nice heart-healthy meal !
7. What are your tips to our readers on staying in shape?
Consistency is key for staying in shape! This is something that I had to learn because I was becoming a yo-yo dieter/exerciser. The hard part is not getting started it’s maintaining the regimen. Once I became consistent I started seeing longer-lasting results.
8. What’s on your workout playlist?
I have to have some Beyonce on my playlist! I love all types of music from Fergie to Chris Botti but something about when Beyonce comes on, it gives me that extra energy to complete my last set of whatever exercise I’m doing. “Get Me Bodied” is an upbeat song that gets me going.
9. Favorite female athlete?
Serena Williams has recently won me over. I like the fact that despite all of her achievements and fame, she recently went to cosmetology school to become a nail tech because that is what she has always wanted to do. I really like when people pursue their passions even if it is against grain.
10. Tip(s) on staying healthy?
One of the things that I have began to incorporate is not letting my focus on health be strictly for improving my outer appearance. By focusing on heart-health, I have a more convicting and legitimate reason to be healthy which compels me to be more consistent. In turn, the heart-healthy diet will improve my outer appearance by keeping my weight where I want it to be. Choose a more purposeful reason to be healthy other than to just lose weight or look a certain way and it will help you remain more consistent.
11. How did you start working out consistently? What was your motivation? What has your progress been like?
I entered the world of being health conscious during my freshman year in college. I attempted for the first time in my life to lose weight by diet and exercise. I lost 25lbs that semester; however, I quickly gained it back after not knowing the methods in which to keep weight off. Every since then, dieting and exercising have become a part of my life sometimes consistently and sometimes inconsistently. What has helped me progress and stay motivated is a new purpose, to be heart-conscious, which motivates me better than aesthetic purposes. My progress with eating healthily was back and forth in the past being that I was the “yo-yo dieter” but recently with a new focus, I have been doing really well at being consistent with my eating habits; remaining active is something that I have always remained pretty consistent in.
12. Top 3 favorite things about yourself?
I really like that I am easily motivated, I love to try new things, and have a desire to lead!

Thank you so much again Chloe! You definitely inspired me and I am sure our readers.