Hair and Workout Essentials for a $1!

I hate spending money… Well my own. But something recently has hit me- the love of “Just a buck.” From dollar stores to the value menus, a buck can stretch really far!

Recently, I have been going into the Dollar Tree by my house and finding a lot of items I normally buy at Target or Kroger’s.  I figured I should share my tips and items I buy for— A BUCK!!

My Shopping List

VO5 Conditioner

VO5 is one of the best cheapest conditioners out there. I bought this as a quick conditioner to use  before I swim.  It’s quick, cheap and not too bad for only a buck.

Hand Sanitizer

I carry a clutch around a lot and I can never fit the bulky bottles of sanitizer in my purse! At Dollar Tree I found this compact, hand sanitizing spray for $1.

Epsom Salt

Okay, call me old but after a hard workout, Epsom salt saves my muscles! I swear by good old Epsom salt! This is usually at Walmart, I found it at Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, a dollar!


Max Grey Kids’ White Cotton Crew and Ankle Socks, 3-ct. Packs

Okay, I know these are kids socks but I have a sock thief in my house . I don’t know where they go, but they disappear! Anyway, I have a size 8 foot and wear with boys socks. This is great because I can buy 15 pairs socks for 5 bucks! Take that sock thief!!

Spray Bottles

I normally reuse spray bottles from other products, but when I can’t there are tons of them at DollarTree!



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