March Forward with Being a Believer

I don’t often get to write personal thoughts and motivational blog posts but this morning I felt moved to do so. Don’t worry, I have a few hair and fitness blog post coming but for now, I wanted to share a few thoughts on being a believer and how it impacts my life.

Living Courageously

Lately, been listening to Joyce Meyer Living Courageously, which is helping me grow and deal with fear. No matter what your dealing with or wanting to achieve, Joyce says, “You have what it takes to do it afraid.” I add on to her words and say just simply believe- Believe in Yourself.  

alexandria sporty afros believer

Last week, I saw this mug while out and about. I chuckled as I remembered these were the words I uttered right before I started my first swim class at age 26. I  started taking swimming lessons in order to become a triathlete. I was scared and afraid but with each class and each stroke, I believed that it was possible. Suddenly, I didn’t believe anymore I did it. I completed my first triathlon just 5 months later.  (You can check out some of the photos here.) Had I not said these words, I don’t believe I would be the person I am today – the crazy Triathlete, (newbie) Marathoner and FitHair Expert & Co-Founder of @sportyafros.

Me + God  > Fear

Every completed race, magazine article and cool hair tip was born out of my belief in myself & what God has equipped me in. The combination of the two outweighed the fear I had . I won’t say I am not without fear at time. Truthfully, I get caught in the haze of fear, doubt and scared. I am blessed that my amazing fit friends, mentors and family  don’t hesitate to give me a stern side eye from my unbeliefs and step right in to help.

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