My New Year’s Resolutions

This year, I’m going to be a bit more strategic about my resolutions. Last year, I set 11 super-specific resolutions/goals for 2015. Technically, there’s nothing wrong with setting lots of goals, but I didn’t leave time to live my life, which led me to only achieve 4 of the 11. Major bummer. All of my goals were totally doable just probably not in a one-year time span.

This year I’m going to have a few specific goals mixed with some general ones.

My #1 mantra this year is: Do Something Different

So many times we try our hardest to do or get something in a way that’s not working and we end up running around in circles for weeks, months or even years. My big thing this year is that if something isn’t working, stop, evaluate and change or adjust course, if necessary. It sounds simple but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done something just because that was my plan even if that wasn’t the best way to get that particular thing done.



Pay off credit card debt

I don’t have too much credit card debt (student loan debt is my curse, damn you SMU), but I want to tackle these this year. I’m coming for Sallie Mae in 2017.

Save six months of combined income.

This is a HUGE goal for my husband and I. Since he’s an entrepreneur, it’s essential that we have tens of thousands of dollars in cash reserves. We already have one month saved and January isn’t over yet!

Purchase our first home

It’s about that time. #Adulting


Listen to my body

I’m really good and really bad at this one. I know when there’s something wrong, but a lot of times I’ll ignore warning signals my body is giving me in order to achieve a specific fitness goal. I did that last year and reached my goal weight of 128. I proved to myself that I could whip it into shape and be extra fine. 2016 is about being healthy and taking it easy.


Meditate, journal and read everyday

I read the Miracle Morning and it’s really changed my life. I am making it a point to do at least 30 minutes of personal development work every day.

Travel/recharge once per quarter

With the exception of saving for our wedding 2014 and 2015, my husband and I travel quite a bit. I want to make sure we get back to it. I’d love to travel to Dubai, Seattle, London (again) and Canada this year.


Read my Bible & pray everyday

This one is self explanatory. Without God, none of these goals will be possible.

Tithe 10% no matter what

I hate to admit it, but I’m an irregular tither. I’ll be awesome for 3 months then something comes up and an don’t tithe my full 10%. I really want to trust God this year with my finances this year. He’s the reason I have the 100% anyway.


Spend quiet time with my husband 3x per week

We’re both super busy and sometimes we go days, even weeks without really talking/connecting. I really want to change that. I’ve made it a point for us to just sit and talk, read or just lay together few a few minutes 3x per week. It’s really made a difference in our relationship.


Spend 5 hours per week working on business

As most of you guys know, I have a 9 -5.  I don’t ever consistently spend time working on Sporty Afros. Some weeks it’s 10 – 20 hours, some weeks it’s 0. I’m working diligently to be more consistent and proactive to bring you guys some truly awesome content this year.

Replace my income from my 9-5

This one is a biggie that I’ve been working on for years! I’ve got a few things I’m working on to better leverage the Sporty Afros platform.

Start new business

I’ve got a killer idea for a kitchen gadget that I’d love to see come to life in 2016. I’m working on it as we speak.

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