It’s My 30th Birthday: 30 Nuggets of Wisdom I’ve Learned Over the Years

In honor of my 30th birthday today, here are thirty nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned over the years.


(No that’s technically not a birthday crown, but ehh well)

1. Don’t be a bitch

A lot of women pride themselves on ‘keeping it real’, but no one likes a bitch. If you’re really honest with yourself, you don’t like it either. You can speak the truth but always speak it with love.

2.  Pray like your life depends on it

Because it does. Life is hard enough as it is, leaning on Jesus for wisdom and direction makes the load lighter.

3. Never lose sight of your dreams

Never forget what makes your heart flutter or what makes you get out of bed in the morning. Always keep that front and center. If you don’t, what’s the point of living?

4. Take care of your health

Eating healthy and working out isn’t just about looking fab although that’s a byproduct. It’s about being your best self everyday which you can’t do if you feel like crap.

5. Treat yo self

I know we’re all working on budgeting, paying off debt, building businesses or whatever, but be sure to treat yourself from time to time. It’s vitally important.

6. Dress up

You don’t have to dress to the nines every day, but take pride in your appearance. It makes me so sad when I see thirty somethings out and about looking like who did it and what for. You have to put yourself first or else you’re not your best self for other people.

7. Learn how to settle disputes and uncomfortable situations

You can’t just run in the other direction when something bad happens. Gather yourself and face it head on. You’ll feel better afterwards. Promise.

8. Ladies, learn how to cook

No, it’s not so you can cook for your man, but it feels so amazing to be able to make yourself your favorite meal. Try it.

9. Start meditating, now!

Meditation has the power to change your entire life if you let it.

10. Finally learn to accept your body

This is your body. Yes, you can change it if you’re out of shape. But, if you don’t accept it now, you won’t when you lose 20 lbs either.

11. Do what you’re afraid of

The only way to get over your fears is to face them.

12. Stop caring what other people think

What they think doesnt matter. Your opinion is the only one that does.

13. Stop being frivolous

Are you doing, buying or participating in shit that doesn’t matter? Stop it now. Your time and money are precious assets. Only use them to do stuff that matters or moves you forward.

14. Dedicate time to self improvement everyday

If you don’t, how can you expect to become your best self?

15. Stop being selfish

By now you know the whole world doesn’t revolve around you, right?

16. You are what you watch, listen to and read

Why are you spending time watching people act ridiculous on TV? It literally does nothing for you. They are getting paid for slapping each other in evening gowns. You’re not. Is the music you listen to helping you as a person or filling your head with ratchet lyrics? You become what you are exposed to the most whether it’s intentional or not.

17. Stop trying to be super woman

No, you can’t be everyone’s everything so stop trying. You can’t burn the candle at both ends and expect to get extraordinary results long term. I’m sorry, it wont work. No matter how hard you try. You have to work smarter, not harder and harder.

18. Don’t confuse love with passion

Passion fades. Love is eternal. Don’t confuse the two.

19. Be patient

Good things come to those who wait.

20. Debt isn’t cute

Pay off your debt. Having the latest and greatest, but being riddled with debt is not a good look.

21. Let go

Stop trying your hardest to make something that’s not working happen. If it’s meant to be it will be. It not it won’t and all your effort wont change that.

22. Learn how to say no

Saying yes to everything is a great way to be an extremely busy, unproductive person stuck in the same situation for years on end.

23. The perfect man doesn’t exist

I’m sorry to burst your bubble. There is no such thing as the perfect man. He’s an illusion made of single woman folk lure. Everyone has their flaws. Learn to love his or move on to the next one.

24. Mend or let go of toxic relationships

We’re all too old for the drama. If you have a bad relationship with your father, mother or whoever, it’s time to fix it. If that person is unreachable, you have to cut the cord and save yourself. You can’t let someone else’s drama sabotage your life even if they are your parent.

25. Stop comparing your life to others on social media

No one has all of their shit together. Literally, no one. All of the married couples posting love notes all over Facebook every hour on the hour are on the brink of divorce. Just trust me on that one.

26. Have a good relationship with money

If you’re over the age of thirty with a job, there’s no reason you should be broke. Period. If you have issues with money, it’s time to work them out. No one else is going to do it for you.

27. No one else can make you happy

Your boyfriend, your husband or even your dog doesn’t have the power to make you happy. That has to come from within or else it’s all a facade that will come tumbling down.

28. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks

If you said something super hurtful and messed up to someone, it came from somewhere. You thought it first. If you harbor nasty feelings towards someone or something, just know the truth will come to light. Either deal with it or move on.

29. Travel somewhere awesome

If you haven’t been on an epic trip yet, it’s about that time. Save your money and get a move on. Traveling is better when you’re young.

30. Love your self where you are

It doesn’t matter that you’re not a millionaire, married or have the the 5,000 sq foot mansion you thought you’d have by now. Love yourself where you are in order to the to the next level.

Hopefully some of my life lessons learned over the past three decades were helpful. Happy bday to me, yay!

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