Eating Out – La Hacienda Ranch

While having our weekly meeting, we ate at La hacienda ranch. During this time, we were fasting from Pork, Beef and Chicken. It was a bit difficult as we both were looking for healthier dishes without a big price-tag. We found a good lunch special called the Soup ‘n Sidekick, which consist of  a Bowl of spicy tortilla soup, and a choice of a salad, enchilada, taco or tamale.


Alex had tortilla soup (no chicken) with cheese enchiladas with a verde sauce on top.  Verde sauce is less calorie wise than traditional Mexican sauces.


Whitney had tortilla soup without the chicken, with a sour cream enchilada (cheese).

We also had a side of  beans and rice. We shared together.


Since we had a long bike ride that morning, we were very hungry by the time we sat down. Our meals are slightly high in fat due to the cheese, but calorie wise are between 500 and 650.  We had a small breakfast so we could have a larger lunch.

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