Swimming Hair Care

Now that I’m in the pool three times a week I really had to nail down a new hair routine. Before the swimming, Sunday was my hair day. I would do my hair for hours, well not “do” it, but pre- poo my hair with oil for an hour or so, wash it, then deep condition it for an hour or two, then two strand twist it. If you add it all up it took me about 4 hours to complete my weekly wash routine.

Now that I have to wash my hair every time I get out of the pool it makes it much more difficult to pre-poo it with oil and deep condition. Here is what I’ve been doing instead, since my hair NEVER stays dry under the swim cap.

I wet my hair before getting in the pool. Spray it down with a mix of vegetable glycerin, water and a ton of ayurvedic oil to keep the chemicals from the chlorine from penetrating my hair. Then I put on my swim cap.

After my swim, I use swimmers action shampoo by Malibu, but after using it for a few weeks I don’t really like it. I just ordered Swimmer’s Normalizing Shampoo from Aubrey Organics so hopefully that will work better. Then, I apply my leave in conditioner concoction. Here’s what’s in it:


Whitney’s Post Swim Leave-in Conditioner

  • ½ bottle of Kinky Curly, Knot Today Conditioner
  • *I usually measure by what type of bottle I put it in*
  • Fill the remaining ¼ bottle with Aloe Vera Gel
  • And the last ¼ bottle with  Sporty Afros Ayurvedic Oil 

I use  two big squirts and work it through my hair and style as usual.

Disclaimer: This is what works specifically for my hair, but it may not work for everyone. So use the products that you have and customize it to work for you.


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