Monisha's Minute: Beating Cancer With Nutrition

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. Like many of you reading this post I’ve had someone near to me diagnosed with breast cancer. My mother has been in remission 18 years. Praise God! In addition, it was two years ago I discovered a benign tumor in my breast and underwent surgery to have it removed. Needless to imply this month is a big deal to me. But this year I’m moved to do more than just wear pink and run in a race. I’m educating myself more on what cancer is and how it can be combated.

I’ve recently started reading Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Dr. Patrick Quillin. This book falls right in line with the health journey that I’ve been on over the past three years. One of the biggest discoveries I have made so far is the human body was designed to heal itself. When we put the proper nutrients into our body along with a good fitness program, the body is able to combat illness and recuperate from injuries at a rapid rate.


The hypothesis that Beating Cancer with Nutrition presents is that proper nutrition and exercise can help cancer patients fight and beat cancer. Nowhere in the book does Dr. Quillin state there is a cure for cancer. However there are certain dietary changes that can be made to compliment the cancer fighting process. Key topics covered in the book includes:

  • Nutrients that reduce the toxic side effects of chemo and radiation on the patient without reducing the tumor killing capacity
  • Starving the cancer by controlling blood glucose through nutrition and supplements
  • Common vegetables, herbs, and seasonings that have powerful anti-cancer activity
  • Recipes that can be made with food from the grocery store
  • How to find the underlying causes of your cancer
  • Effective and non-toxic approaches to reducing cancer burden
  • An exhausted list of nutritionally oriented doctors

I have yet to complete the book but I’m excited to learn about all of the different supplements and foods one can take to clean their liver, kidney, intestines, blood, and fight off cancer cells.

I believe a key component of Breast Cancer Awareness month should be being AWARE of what cancer really is and holistic ways we can combat it. Running in a race is great. I plan to hit a few up. Raising money and wearing pink is cool too. I plan to do both. But if you really want to do some great during this month in regards to Breast Cancer Awareness, educate yourself. Learn what cancer is, how you can lower your risks, and the multiple ways you can fight cancer if given a diagnosis. You can purchase the book on Amazon by going here.

Love, Peace, and Sweat

Monisha R.

Monisha I. Randolph is a Senior Contributing Blogger for Sporty Afros. Founder of Runner’s Revelations, Monisha is a RRCA Certified Distance Running Coach  specializing in running clinics and training programs for beginner runners. She’s also the author of Runner’s Revelations: How Running Changed My Walk. To learn more about Monisha please visit Follow her on Twitter @RunRevelations , join the Runner’s Revelations Fan Community on Facebook, and subscribe to the Runner’s Revelations Youtube channel.

Disclaimer: Opinions shared in this blog entry are not a paid endorsement by Dr. Patrick Quillin. Monisha Randolph or any party representing Sporty Afros condone ignoring your physicians expert opinion. If you presume you have a medical issue, please consult your physician and seek second opinion.

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