Monisha's Minute: All I Need Is A Pair Of Shoes? Please!..

I have to be honest I only like reading cliche quotes 30% of the time. Why? Because when I read between the lines or really dissect the quote, I realize how much it doesn’t make sense, doesn’t apply to my life, or for whatever reason is missing a disclaimer.

Need an example? After coming in from a morning run on yesterday, I tweeted Whoever said “to run all you need is a pair of running shoes” is probably somewhere dehydrated, sunburned, and chaffing.”

Hanging Shoes

I thought about the process it took for me to get out of the door, running, refueled and recuperated. Ready for a surprise? It took more than my running shoes. Here was my routine:


-Drank 160z of water

-Eat half a banana

-Two handfuls of trail mix

-Prepared my FRS drink for my run

-Lathered on some sunscreen

-Lubed my feet with shea butter

-Got dressed

-Put on my gps watch and heart rate monitor

I also loaded a mini-cooler with chocolate milk and a frozen bottle of water. I also packed an ice pack just in case I have achy muscle afterwards.

My Run

During my 5 mile run I stayed hydrated with the FRS orange flavored concentrated drink mixed with about 14 ounces of water. The directions stated to mix 2 ounces of the FRC liquid mix with 6 ounces of water. This was my first time running with it. It held up pretty good. Here’s a picture of the bottle of concentrated mix.

Post Run

-Post run static stretching

-Guzzled down my chocolate milk

-Eat other half of my banana


-Breakfast! (Eggs, rice, salsa, a slice of wheat toast with grape jam)

So as you can see, it took a little bit more than just putting on some running shoes to successfully complete my 5 mile run. The moral of my story is if you’re going to run efficient you must plan an efficient run. You can go on out there with just your running shoes if you want to. I bet you’ll return…. dehydrated, sunburned, chaffing, and starving!


Love, Peace, and Sweat!

Monisha R.

Monisha Randolph is a RRCA Certified Distance Running Coach  and the author of Runner’s Revelations: How Running Changed My Walk. To learn more about Monisha or to purchase a copy of her book please visit Feel free to follow her on Twitter and join her Fan Community on Facebook.


  • Angela says:

    Thanks for that, you helped me start my day right!

  • shashonnie says:

    Good reading!

  • Aurelie says:

    Whenever I go running, I literally do just run and go lol. Stretch for fifteen minutes and then go out and run. It works for me, I noticed if I try to have too much in terms of fuel before running I actually end up feeling nauseous and sluggish. My best runs are early morning or late evening.

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