Vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast


As a vegetarian on Thanksgiving, you typically get the odd stares and the concerned glimpses from family members as you approach the dinner table holding a plate without turkey. I’ve been a vegetarian (really, a pescatarian) for almost 3 years now. I never thought I’d stick with it this long, but it works for me. I don’t preach or meat shame people. I just go quietly about my pescatarian lifestyle. In doing that, I’ve made a few converts along the way. The most important one being my lovely mama! She’s been meat free for almost an entire year. This year will be our first thanksgiving together with no meat. Here’s a list of the amazingness we plan to whip up.

Fresh green beans

We purchase organic green beans, snap off the ends and sauté them in olive oil with some minced garlic and a bit of salt. Yum!

Brussel sprouts

I LOVE brussel sprouts. If you don’t, you haven’t had them prepared the right way. My mom made these last year, and I’ve been hooked every since. We use the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe without meat.

Smoked gouda mac and cheese

Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without lots of mac and cheese. I started making a new recipe last year with equal parts of smoked gouda and Vermont sharp cheddar. It’s RIDIC! I start with a simple white sauce made of butter, flour and water, let it thicken and add the cheese with some seasoning then the noodles. Angels sing when you take your first bite. Straight up.

Broccoli rice casserole 

This is how my mom used to get me to eat broccoli, cover it in cheese and bread crumbs. So now it’s a staple at all holiday functions.

Fresh cranberry sauce

My mom makes fresh cranberry sauce with orange zest that’s to die for.

Cornbread dressing

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of dressing but my mom makes it every year for everyone else. I could take it or leave it.

Roasted ginger salmon 

My mom is going to whip up one of her favorite fish dishes for me to try. I’m excited. Check out the recipe here. 

Snapper vera cruz

Since my dear mother is an over achiever, she insisted on whipping up another fish dish as well. This is one of her other favs. 


Since thanksgiving is the ultimate cheat day, my meal wouldn’t be complete without copious amounts of bread slathered in butter. Organic butter, of course.

Who says you have to have turkey for a Thanksgiving feast?! Have a happy holiday!






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