Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference

Last week, Alex and I went to the fitness and Heath bloggers conference in Denver, Colorado.  We had a great time! We met a lot of bloggers, went to interesting sessions and explored Denver a bit.  Here are the highlights from our trip.


Highlight #1 : Valuable Information


 We learned so much about the science behind health and nutrition. Some of the most notable sessions were:

Dr. James O. Hill on the Importance of an Evidence-Based Approach to Health & Wellness

De. Hill talked about why obesity in America is on the rise. Alex and I will do a post in more detail at a later time. He mentioned that never in history has food been as easy to get, processed and readily available.He thought that obesity was an unintended consequence making food readily available and not having to work to get it. This combined with a sedentary lifestyle has lead dramatically increased obesity rates in America.

Current Evidence on Achieving and Maintaining Physical Fitness with Dr. Iñigo San Millán

Elite athletes have 0% rate of metabolic diseases such as diabetes . He studied why that is and how regular people like you and me can duplicate those results. The most interesting point from his session was about elite athlete’s diets. They eat mostly carbs and simple sugars. Seriously! Although they workout like maniacs, Dr. Inigo’s point was that carbs aren’t the enemy, its all about moderation and getting daily physical exercise.  In Mediterranean and Asian countries that eat a carb heavy diet and they dont have an obesity epidemic because their lifestyles involve at least 60 minutes of walking every day. They lead more active lifestyles than over here…interesting.

Communicating Health & Wellness Information via the Internet with Janet Helm

Janet’s presentation was fun and energetic. She talked about getting your message out there with social media, witty yet well researched content and her top 5 blogging best practices:

1. Transparency

2. Humanity

3. Know your facts

4. Cite the original work

5. Have a point of view

She gave us some great links to some new fitness blogs too!

Food Gawker

Fit Bottomed Girls

Healthy Aperture

Highlight #2: The Anschutz Fitness Center

This place is seriously state of the art! They just opened a few days before the conference and we got a tour.


The showers were ginormous….



The indoor track….

Highlight #3 : Yummy Food

They provided us with awesome food at the conference.

 Well, this was before the conference. Do you know how hard it is to find affordable healthy food at the airport?! Geez….

Breakfast of champions

Yummy cherry smoothies

 The first night they gave us Chipotle. Alex and I took some seconds back to our room to eat the next day *shhh dont tell anyone*

This was part of a cooking demonstration that was one of our break out sessions. It’s lemon and thyme marinated chicken. Although I didn’t have any, it sure looked pretty.

 Part of the cooking demonstration as well. It was a watermelon and fennel salad. Yummy.

Alex and I went to a local sushi restaurant and I had the veggie bento box. I couldn’t even eat all of tempura veggies. I cant even eat fried stuff anymore. I don’t know what I was thinking….

This was the dinner from the Bistro on the last night, it was umm interesting but they do grow their own veggies in their roof top garden.

 Pretty cool!


Highlight#4: The Expo

When we first arrived there was an awesome expo…


Love grown natural snacks.

Samples at the Driscoll’s table…yummy.


Highlight #5 : New Blogs

We met so many other bloggers. We were so busy talking we didn’t get any pics with all of us! Here the links to their blogs.

Lexi Yoga

Mind of Booty

N Her Shoes

Sarah Learns

I am Eating Right


Highlight #6: Denver

Here are some of our pics from around Denver







We rented bikes downtown!




We were in the park in the middle of downtown.

Then we drove up to the mountains…

A deer walked across the road!

All and all we had an awesome time!


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