Sporty Afros Store Now Accepts Credit Cards


We discovered that some of you wanted to purchase our products, but didn’t like to use Paypal. Well you’re in luck, we now accept credit cards in the Sporty Afros Store!  You can purchase Sporty Afros products, T-Shirts and much more using Paypal or a Credit Card.




Simply order your product, check out, and choose either to either pay with paypal or enter your credit card information. 

Remember, all purchases are shipped with Priority Mail so that you don’t have to wait weeks to receive your products.

Info about Priority Mail

  • Delivery within 2 days in most cases
  • Includes Delivery Confirmation
  • Saturday delivery** and residential delivery at no extra cost
  • The only 2-day service that delivers to mailboxes, mail slots and PO Boxes

* For details on Free Package Pickup, go to
** Except if Saturday is a national holiday when Express Mail service is available for an added charge.


Shop now at the store for Sporty Afros G+ spray, our Ayurvedic oil and much more today!


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