Monisha's Minute: Motivation During Motivationless Times

So it’s March. How are those New Year Resolutions going? Consider this your 1st quarter evaluation.

Many of my clients ask me how do I stay motivated. The truth is there are times when I’m not motivated at all. However, I try to incorporate habits in my day that help me push through those moments where I lack motivation. Here are just a few things.

Make Your Workouts Visible

WP_003565 Monisha Workout Reminder

Some people use smartphone apps, but I don’t visit the same apps everyday. Some people write their workout plans in their planner/calendar, but I don’t look at that everyday either. You know where I go every day? The bathroom! Yes! So I’ve devoted one side of my bathroom mirror to writing out my workout for the week. This past summer while working at a sports camp I realized the only place I could ensure that everyone in my cabin got my morning announcements was by writing them on the bathroom mirror. And it works! The little card up top are my students that I pray for. Try that too, it helps. It puts me in the mindset to want to love children and not choke them.

Make it Personal

Monisha Randolph Bible Study

There are times I use my workout time as extended devotional time. Instead of looking at workout time as a chore, look at it as time to process some of the big questions in life. I like to grab a verse or two and marinate on it while I’m working out. Before I know it, I’m ready for a cool down.

Leave it all at the door

Monisha's Gym Bag

I’m an early morning gym rat. If you really want to stress your morning gym prep pack your bags in the morning.  A best practice for gym bag packing is to pack it the night before.

Here are three things that help me keep it moving when I’m not motivated. Yes, the road gets rough. But what road doesn’t? Hang in there and know that your workouts are going to pay off in good health!

Love, Peace, and Sweat

Monisha R.

Monisha I. Randolph is a Senior Contributing Blogger for Sporty Afros. Founder of Runner’s Revelations, Monisha is a RRCA Certified Distance Running Coach  specializing in running clinics and training programs for beginner runners. She’s also the author of Runner’s Revelations: How Running Changed My Walk. To learn more about Monisha please visit Follow her on Twitter @RunRevelations , join the Runner’s Revelations Fan Community on Facebook, and subscribe to the Runner’s Revelations Youtube channel.


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