Monisha's Minute: My 1st Foot Reflexology Session

A few weeks ago my co-workers and I pitched in to get my boss a gift certificate to Ya Ya Foot Spa. This spa offers traditional Chinese foot reflexology treatments. Just to brag on how awesome my boss is, my boss blocked out an hour for Staff Development so that our entire staff could go get treatments too! Well, I kind of made her but she listened and I love her for it!

From the internet research that I did on foot reflexology, I knew that the whole practice is built around the school of thought that the nerve endings in the foot are connected to every single organ in the body. It also helps increase circulation, fatigue, and even allergies!

 Reflexology Chart



As a runner that’s into taking care of my feet I was highly interested in checking it out anyway [I’d like to add that my boss is a runner too. The rest of the staff are runners/triathletes as well. Yeah, my job and the people I work with are awesome]. In addition, this was a stiletto wearing weekend followed by coaching two running classes and fitting in my training schedule. My dogs were barking!

It was everyone’s first time receiving a foot reflexology treatment. All of us signed up for the 40 minute treatment. It was described as this:

Basic Chinese Foot Care- Major Reflexology Points (40 minutes)-Basic treatment that permits your foot care specialist time to check all your major body reflexology points and restore balance. During this treatment your specialist will be able to spend a few minutes on any problem areas you may be experiencing. You will leave balanced and refreshed.

We started it out like this…

Monisha Reflexology for feet (3)


Based on the description of the treatment, I’m assuming my left foot was full of problem areas because when that guy got on my left foot, ish got real! One minute I’m in paradise with a towel over my face and getting my left foot gently handled and all of a sudden I feel (what I’m guessing) a knuckle aggressively run from my second toe down to my heel! Ouch! In discomfort I asked myself “Self, why would this man do this to you?” And myself replied “Well, he’s a foot reflexologist and apparently you got some things going on in that foot.” In an instant I remembered having issues with my left arch on various occasions. You can read about it in my book Runner’s Revelations (shameless plug).

The knuckle digs on my left foot only lasted about 3 of the 40 minutes.

Monisha Reflexology for feet (2)

Other than that my session was wonderful.

Monisha Reflexology for feet (1)


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the foot reflexology session, and so did my coworkers. I’m eager to go for a run to see if I feel a difference.


Love, Peace, and Sweat,

Monisha R.

Monisha I. Randolph is a Senior Contributing Blogger for Sporty Afros. Founder of Runner’s Revelations, Monisha is a RRCA Certified Distance Running Coach  specializing in running clinics and training programs for beginner runners. She’s also the author of Runner’s Revelations: How Running Changed My Walk. To learn more about Monisha  please visit Follow her on Twitter @RunRevelations and join the Runner’s Revelations Fan Community on Facebook.

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