Sunday Inspiration The Secrets of Life – in 6 words

The Secrets of Life – in 6 words


Before middle age – Do not fear!
After middle age – Do not regret!
Enjoy Your Life While You Can
Do not wait till you cannot even walk just to be sorry and to regret!
As long as it is physically possible, visit places you wish Get out of the stock market! When the share prices are up, your blood pressure goes up too, you want to buy but you cannot get. When the share prices are down, you panic and want to sell, but no one wish to buy.
You can’t make all the money, why not let the young ones have a chance!
When there is an opportunity, get together with old classmates, old colleagues & old friends.
The gathering is not just about eating, the concern is there is not much time left!
Money kept in the banks may not be really yours.
When it is time to spend, just spend.
You should treat yourself well as you’re Whatever you feel like eating, just eat!
It is most important to be happy!

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