How to Start Training for Your First Triathlon

Many of our readers frequently ask “I want to train for a triathlon but where how do I start? ”

Here is the short answer:

Start now!

Triathlon season winds down in the cooler months but that doesn’t mean that you cant start training for one right now. Triathlon season usually starts back up in early March/April.

How to start training?

Easy!! Start with training for a 5k. Most beginner sprint triathlons end with a 5k (or less). By training for a 5k now, this allows you to achieve a small short-term goal (completing a 5k) in preparation for a bigger long-term goal (completing a triathlon).

5k Training Plans

Here are several 5k programs. Once you pick out your program, signup for a upcoming race.

Beginner 5k Plans

Intermediate 5k Plans

Advanced 5k Plans

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