How to Start Training for Your First Triathlon

Many of our readers frequently ask “I want to train for a triathlon but where how do I start? ”

Here is the short answer:

Start now!

Triathlon season winds down in the cooler months but that doesn’t mean that you cant start training for one right now. Triathlon season usually starts back up in early March/April.

How to start training?

Easy!! Start with training for a 5k. Most beginner sprint triathlons end with a 5k (or less). By training for a 5k now, this allows you to achieve a small short-term goal (completing a 5k) in preparation for a bigger long-term goal (completing a triathlon).

5k Training Plans

Here are several 5k programs. Once you pick out your program, signup for a upcoming race.

Beginner 5k Plans

Intermediate 5k Plans

Advanced 5k Plans

Once you get a 5k down check our these tips and plans to move it to training for a full sprint triathlon.

Triathlon Training Plans for Beginners


Hair Care Tips 101 for Triathletes

Here are a few typical hair care tips for triathletes.

  • Always use conditioner or a  form of moisturizer before swimming
  • Protect the hair with a swim cap. We both love lyrca and spandex swim caps but there are tons to choose from including ones for locs and long hair
  • Always rinse hair and body after swimming, unless practicing for an actual tri/brick day
  • Small twist, marley braids/twist and low ponytails are great styles for triathletes but make sure hair is always secure and tucked away when engaging in an activity
  • Make sure you keep hair cleansed and moisturized with a proper hair regimen
  • Discuss hair regimen and activities with a proper hair stylist
  • Proper nutrition and hydration are vital for hair growth and healthiness

Braids and Protective Styles Tips for Traithletes

When training, most women turn to braids, twist or some form of protective style so they can focus on training and not their hair. When wearing braids or weave, it’s important to maintain a proper hair regimen as well. Make sure hair and scalp are cleansed regularly. Using an oil with a pointed tip applicator a few times a week will ensure your scalp and hair stays moisturized in braids or weave. Women shouldn’t keep braids or weave than 8 weeks. After that point, hair can start to smell, matte. There is nothing worse than taking down braids and weave to find that your hair is a tangled and a complete mess.

From a cute quick updo to a faithful cute wig, make sure that you have a hairstyle you can do within 10 minutes or less after a workout. It’s important to remove the hair barriers and frustrations while you’re training to ensure your energy is focused on working out.


Swimming Specific Products for Triathletes and Natural Hair 

One of the most popular questions we are asked is the best shampoos for swimmers. These shampoos are perfect to clarify and restore balance to the hair after a long swim.  Don’t forget to follow up with both a conditioner and intensive deep conditioner to replenish the hair.

  • Aubrey Organics Swimmer’s Shampoo
  • Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo
  • Organic Black Soap Shampoo
  • Ouidad Superfruit Renewal™ Clarifying Cream Shampoo
  • Moptop Clarifying Rescue Treatment

Check out more information on best shampoos for swimmers who have natural hair here.



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