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I tried to start my triathlon training last week, but it didn’t go as planned. So, today is official day 1 of triathlon training. This year, Whitney and I are training for 2 sprint distance triathlons and 1 olympic distance triathlon. We are attempting to accomplish our first open-water triathlon this year too. Yay! Just in case you have no clue to what I just said here is a little info about the different types of triathlons.

There are 2 basic triathlons; pool and open-water. Pool triathlons are typically sprint triathlons that start in the swimming pool. Open-water triathlons range in distances and start in either a lake or ocean. 

Did you know in 10 to 12 weeks you can be ready for a triathlon? For real! When I first started training, I didn’t even know how to swim. I took swimming classes at my local community college and trained with our “unofficial” coach.  Since then, Whitney and I have competed in 5 triathlons and a series of half marathons and duathlons. Don’t ever say you can’t do something because you can with support and a little work.

There are tons of triathlons around the country. Pick one and train! You can find local triathlons by using or  

Triathlons Training Plans

Beginners Triathlon –  Beginners triathlon has the most comprehensive and free training plans online. It is simple and free. This is one of the most popular training plans and incorporates a variety of articles.

Tri Newbies – This site includes a variety of Ironman and Olympic triathlon plans. Tri Newbies also offers specific programs for each individual sport such as swimming, cycling 101 and weight training. Great for beginners and intermediates.

Amateur and Endurance – They include everything from 5k plans to Ironman programs. This site keeps it simple and focuses on your heart rate (Aerobic and Anaerobic zones) for your workouts.

Tri Fuel- A basic olympic distance beginners program. Short, simple and to the point.

Training Peaks– The partner of the USA Triathlon organization, Training Peaks is very comprehensive and has detailed nutrition tips to go along with the plans. Several of these plans were used by actual professionals and work with several apps such as Nike+.

Women’s Magazine – If you ever wanted to train for an Irongirl, this is a great plan.

Sporty Afros – Yes, as triathletes, Sporty Afros is the first site that not only connected the dots between hair, nutrition and fitness but triathlon training too. As you know, we share our own personal tips, tricks and plans. Here are several articles about triathlons from us to you!

This year will be my first year, training being a vegetarian. Now, I will be honest, I will eat some meat every so often but 80-90% of my food this year will be meatless and organic.

Did you know, most of the top athletes are Vegan? This includes Ironman champions, body builders, pro and Olympic athletes. After watching Food Inc, Forks over Knives and a few other documentaries, I have learned a great deal of information about nutrition.

If you follow Sporty Afros on twitter, we  tweet a variety of information about nutrition, documentaries to watch and even some healthy recipes. As always, you can email me ( for advice.


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