Alex's Journey Back to Being a Triathlete

After some health, mental and physical issues, I am ready to kick butt and start my triathlon training. I miss training and competing in triathlons. Being away (since Ive been very busy) has made me fall in love with the sport again. I realized, competing in triathlons helps keep me motivated, stay healthy, active and also organized! Ha!


Today,  marks my first day of triathlon training. I will be sharing triathlon tips, advice, hair regimen, nutrition and everything else possible with you all along this journey.  Don’t worry, even if you are not training for a tri, there will be lots of information and tips for you too! So here is my plan for training and how I will achieve my goal.


The Training

My training will seem like a long journey  because there are three goals I have to achieve. First, I will train for a sprint (short) triathlon, which is in October. (Sprint triathlons are short and faster triathlons. You can find out more details by clicking here.)  After this tri, I will roll into the last part of my half marathon training or 10k training (depending on health and weather) and then on into my first full Olympic distance training program.  Staying healthy, injury free and making sure I take days off/rest will be key. If you are interested in starting your own journey into the triathlon world, take a look at our article on “How to Start Training for Your First Triathlon.


The Nutrition

This will be a major focus for me. Proper nutrition will help play a critical part in not only my performance but also my energy and recovery every day. The first two months of training, I will have to cut down my weight by 15lbs and make sure I eat every 2 to 2 1/2 hours a day. A well balanced meal along with a variety of nutrients will also be key as well. Planning out my meals and cooking on Sundays for the week will be a ritual. One weekly cheat meal and a daily glass of wine are included in this plan.


The Focus

Let’s be real, I am doing a million and one things. From attending baby showers and picking up my little brother, to working full time and assisting in speaking engagements. I have to make sure not to lose my focus and keep my eye on on the prize. In order to keep my focus, I will reward myself weekly (small gifts) and monthly for meeting and exceeding goals.  I also will make sure to take time out for myself and regroup (church and yoga).

This Week’s Workout Plan

I must admit, I have to travel this upcoming weekend. I really dislike that but oh well.  Nothing is ever perfect but I planned out my meals, workouts and even my workout haircare regimen.



–        Lunch Workout – 5 Mile Run on Treadmill or 3 Miles on Treadmill and 30mins on StairMaster

–        Evening Workout – Swim and Weights (I really like the LesMills ‘ Body Pump class at 24 hour fitness)

Hair Style- After swimming and lifting weights, I will wash my hair, add deep conditioner, rinse it out  and let my hair air dry. In the morning, I will shape, spray with Sporty Afros’ G+ spray and pick it out after I shower.  If you have questions or want to know more about swimming and  caring for your hair, you can check out our recent article here.



–        Morning – Spin Class

–        Afternoon – Soccer time (if possible)

–        Ab Ripper X

–        Chiropractor appointment

My job has a soccer team. They play/practice twice a week during lunch time. If I have time and am not to overwhelmed with work, I will get out there and have some fun.


–        Morning – Moderate Run

–        Evening – Core and Hot Yoga

Hair Style – By Wednesday, my hair is normally a little bit dryer, so I will make sure to seal my ends with Ayverdic oil and use Whitney’s shealoe butter aka Hair Crack.


–        Morning –  Off or Weights

–        Evening – Long Swim, Core & Dance Practice

One of my ministries at church is praise dance. 🙂  It’s also a workout too!

Hair StyleI will wash my hair completely and braid (or flat twist) with Amazing Botanicals Hibiscus Gel, G+ Spray and Ayurvedic oil. Keep it simple and free.


  • Morning – Long Bike ride
  • Chiropractor appointment if needed

I am headed out of town this weekend, so I have to bike in the morning. Normally, I would make the long bike ride in the evening.

Hair Style – I will take down my braids after my shower and wear my hair out for the weekend. If my hair isn’t dry, I will keep the braids in and put on my trusty wig.



While I am out of town, I will try to head out for a long run on Saturday or Sunday in the city. I  downloaded Ab Ripper X on my ipod, so I have no excuses while I am away. Sunday I will try to take a day off and enjoy myself so hopefully my schedule permits it.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!



  • Treasure says:

    I’m looking to lose 17 pounds. It’s been harder than ever, backsliding especially on the weekends. I walk daily at lunch time for 30 minutes. I also workout out for one hour at least 3 X’s per week and sometimes 4. Clearly, it’s my diet. What secrets do you have that I don’t know?

  • Alexandria says:

    Without giving you a consultation (we have those now in the store section), it’s your diet. You have to really focus on eating 1) enough calories a day, 2) not going over your calorie count a day 3) eating a complex and rich diet that works for you. Most people fall into at least one of these categories. My personal issues is #1. Don’t look at it as a diet but lifestyle. Seriously if it seems like another job or a chore like washing your clothes you won’t do it. LOL Does that help?

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