7 Must Have Items for Fall Marathons

This weekend, I am running the Richmond Marathon with hundreds of fellow members from the National Black Marathoners Association. It is a historic weekend as hundreds of people are gathering for the Inaugural Black Distance Runners Hall of Fame Banquet.

cover must have items for fall marathons

This is the first time I am traveling for a race. The weather suddenly shifted this week so I have to dress completely different than expected. Here are a few must have items if you are running a fall marathons, half marathons or an outdoor race.


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Training Slides

After a long run, your feet are aching . Make sure you have a pair of training slides. They perfect for post- race foot relief.

Oakley Forehand

Active Sunglasses
A good pair of sunglasses can save you energy by allowing you to relax your face (no squinting). Make sure your sunglasses have UV protection, are polarized, and have no-slip grip to ensure they stay in place.


The Ultimate Sports Bra
This is a must. I can not stress how important a good sports bra is. Make sure you wear the correct bra for your sports activities. In other words don’t wear a yoga bra when running, please. Make sure you choose bras created to keep you cool and dry.

PS. Please stay away from tightly fitting bras. It should fit slightly tighter than a regular bra, but not so tight that you can’t breathe comfortably.


Head and Finger Gear Arsenal: 
Earmuffs, hats, headbands and gloves are a must for cooler temperatures. There are even earmuffs with build in headphones just for you winter runners. Check out a few at asseseast.com

Cold Gear

Cold Gear items help trap your body’s heat, while still wicking away sweat. Avoid wearing cotton because it doesn’t wick moisture and also has very little insulating ability, which will leave you wet, cold and uncomfortable.

Sunscreen is more important in the winter than the summer. It will actually keep you cooler while preventing sunburn. Lather plenty of it on your face, use at least SPF of 30 and make sure it blocks various UVA rays and is sweat or water resistant. Apply the sunscreen 20 minutes before heading out the door to ensure it’s absorbed into your skin. If you’re planning to run two hours or longer, bring a small travel size sunscreen to reapply.   Check out Kinesys’s Sun Care Products, which offers a natural sunscreen for athletes.





I know it sounds crazy but Vaseline is a must have for all athletes. I can not live with out it now. Vaseline is great for reducing frostbite, repelling water,  decreasing chaffing,  lip balm,  and much more.  Here is a cool article on 20 uses for Vaseline or petroleum jelly.


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