Fall/Winter Workout and Hair Care Tips

Now that it’s cooling down, it’s time to change your wardrobe along with your workout and hair care routines.


Workout tips

  • Instead of sitting under the dryer or a steamer to do a deep conditioning treatment, use the steam room or sauna at your local gym. You can also add a little deep conditioner to your hair before a hot yoga class. Your hair gets a deep conditioning treatment while you’re taking care of your body. Win,win!
  • Now that it’s cooler, be sure to change into dry clothes before leaving the gym. As soon as you step outside, those sweaty clothes will freeze you half to death!
  • Try a hot chocolate protein shake. Use low fat or almond milk and mix in your favorite chocolate protein powder and heat it up. It’s the perfect post-workout recovery drink.
  • Change up your workout routine. Take a water aerobics class in a heated pool. If you love biking outside, try out a new spin class.
  • Keep a sweatshirt in your gym bag and car at all times. Words cant explain how handy this will be when you’re out and about!


Hair care tips

  • Cooler weather can be particularly damaging to natural hair. Now is the perfect time to try out a new protective style. Check out my You Tube video on how to do the Janelle Monae. Don’t forget to use a water-based moisturizer and an oil to seal in the moisture before you put your hair up.
  • Embrace wearing hats, scarves and beanies in the cooler temperatures. They are perfect to protect your hair from the elements especially on a lazy hair day.
  • Like wise, don’t over do it with the hats and scarves. Since they are usually made from wool or other harsh materials they can break off your hair if you’re not careful. Try sewing a satin or silk lining inside your hats to help protect your hair.
  • Use heavier moisturizing products as Shea butter or castor oil. They help seal in the moisture longer.
  • Deep condition more. The cooler weather and indoor heaters will dry your hair out. Don’t forget to replenish the moisture with regular deep conditioning treatments. Be sure to use humectant products formulated to help hold in moisture.

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