Angela Simmons Workouts With Tires – You Can Too!

Angela is always showing us her latest work out. With a headband and cute workout gear- she is bringing the pain with this on.  Here is a quick workout for those of you who want to workout like her…

Look for used tires that you can incorporate in your workout. A few places to start are:

  • Small spare tires in garages/junkyards
  • Farms are good for older, larger tires as well

The Essential Workout

Lay one tire on the ground and jump in and out of the tire with your legs pressed together. Start on the inside of the tire, and squat down. Exert enough force as you jump upward to clear the tire and land to the right of the tire. Repeat the same movement to get back into the tire and then jump to the left of the tire. This is a modified squat.

Improve Running/Conditioning

Step inside the tire, reach into the inside lip and pull the tire up with your hands to your hip level. See if you can walk around the yard while holding the tire steady around your waist. It makes for a good workout for your forearms as they support the brunt of the weight of the tire. See how many times you can jog back and forth while holding the tire up, gauging your success as you build up your stamina.

Larger Tire Workout (Angela Is Doing This)

Invest in a larger tire to try tire flipping. Since you’ll need to lift the weight of the tire only in short spurts, it’s fine to use a larger tire. In fact, recommends a 350-lb. tire for women and a 450-lb. tire for men. Use good judgment in picking a tire that isn’t so heavy that you could injure yourself while using it.

The Workout

Stand with the tire lying flat on the ground in front of you. Bending at the knees, hook your hands under the bottom of the tire, and thrust upward, using your legs to power your movement. Lift the tire so that it’s standing, and flip it onto its other side. Continue the flipping by reaching down and grabbing the tire once more, always lifting with the power in your knees. See how many times you can flip the tire.

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