How to Motivate Yourself to Workout

Alex and I are about to gear up to train for our 6th triathlon this year. We are super excited, but if you know anything about training for a race,  it’s not always easy to stay motivated.  Here are a few (shallow and not so shallow) reasons to get your workout on!

1. You’ll Feel Good

Some people say they get more energy after they workout, I’m defintley not one of those people but I just feel better after I workout. I feel healthy and super proud of myself for accomplishing my goal that day.

2. Reach Your Goals

Whatever your workout goal is whether it’s training for a race, losing 10lbs, being consistent, strive to reach it! It’s totally worth it!

3. Look Hott

Ok, I know this is pretty shallow, but seriously thats one of the reasons you workout right? Its really fun to go shopping and love the way clothes look on your new hott body!

4. Workout Rewards

Set up a personal rewards system. Every time you reach a small goal reward yourself with something you enjoy. Don’t go overboard or you might be counter productive.  One of my rewards for myself  is dining out. So if I reach my workout goals for the week I’ll treat myself to my favorite healthy (well, semi healthy) meal. It can be anything big or small like going to the movies, buying that new dress you’ve had your eye on, etc.

5. Accountablilty Partner

Start working out with a friend! Yall can hold each other accountable and motivate each other when you feel like giving up.

*Shameless Plug*

If you don’t have a workout buddy, attend our February Fabulousness event next Friday and find one!


Now get up and get to it!



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