Alex's 3 Year Natural Anniversary and 3 Tips For Optimum Hair Growth


hair growth 3 years


Last week on my instagram, I showed my followers this collage of my hair. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since the big chop. Here is a look back at my mainly hair styles, growth and my favorite three tips for optimum hair growth

Moisturizing Products: I have learned products that aid in moisture are a must for my hair texture. If I am not careful, my hair has the tendency to dry out like a puddle of water during the Summer in the Arizona desert. I moisturize all day every day.

Because of this issue, as many of you know , this is why I developed Sporty Afros  G+ spray.  In addition, I make sure to keep my products simple and natural as possible. From Ayurvedic oils and powders to all natural products, I keep my hair regimen simple. All the products I use are natural and aid in moisture.

Healthy Eating and Nutrition – This year, my focus was to crack down on bad eating habits. Hair growth starts from the inside out. I eat a healthy, balanced diet and I workout 5 days a week. This makes such a huge impact on my hair growth. I keep my nutrition simple now and enjoy a plethora of vegetables and healthy foods. From juicing and taking a multi-vitamin, I truly have seen the benefits of eating healthier. This was also a huge reason why I joined a CSA.

Fitness and Health–  Healthy hair is a by-product of a healthy body. It’s is important to focus on your body first then your hair. Putting all natural ingredients on your hair but toxic food in your body results in brittle, damaged hair. You health should come first and your hair will thank you.

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