Injury Prevention & Running Plans

Training for the half marathon is killing me slowly. I ran this past weekend and didn’t go as far as scheduled. It happens. I was 2 miles short of my 5 mile run. The week before, I had an amazing run (5.10). It is amazing what a change in weather pattern and getting some sleep can do.

When doing any running plan, injury prevention is key. So here are some tips from to help avoid injuries.


7 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Long Runs

1. Running too far too Quickly

2. Running too Fast

3. Fueling With too Much Sugar

4. Running by Pace Rather Than Feel

5. Running too Many Long Runs Back-to-Back

6. Training with a Buddy Even Though They Aren’t in Your Pace

7. Catching up on Mileage When you Have a Set Back


Running Plans

Also don’t forget: Here are some great programs to follow for those of you who are running.

Hal Higdon- Best plan half and full marathon plans

Couch to 5k Plan– I did a program and followed it. There is both a 4 and 7 month program.

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